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Countdown to Beatles Launch 09.09.09


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i get bored when people re-release their back catalogues.

most people bought their stuff 20/30 years ago and probably won't bother buying it again.

i prefer the old style raw sound as it was first recorded and not the new boring sound.


but i found this funny.........good old Vera




it seems all the Beatles hype is just hype.......


i like some re-releases of diverent bands, especially when in De Luxe versions.




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The Beatles remastered in a magical mystery tour de force


This September, a band whose stratospheric rise to fame and precipitous dissolution captivated the world nearly 40 years ago is making headlines again with an extensive reissue and remastering of its entire catalogue.


I'm talking, of course, about The Beatles. Last month's gargantuan 29-CD release marked the first time listeners could hear the entirety of the band's catalog in both stereo and mono - an addition in which diehard fans will surely rejoice. But more importantly, the remasters are a thrilling revitalization of the songs and sounds that first drew people into the band's world of psychedelia and sonic innovation.


interesting full article




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