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You guys doing Base 13 jokes again?


Base 8 actualy PM


OCT Octal Base 8

DEC Decimal Base 10


So OCT 31 convrted to DEC is


3x8 = 24 + 1 = 25


Hence DEC 25



In Computing since it is all just 1's and 0's or multiples there of such as OCT Octal and HEX Hexideciaml (Base 16) if you keep doubling the numbers the sequence goes 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024, 2048 and so on which just so happens to be the different speeds of ADSL has progressed. If you can count up to 1 and then double it computer basics are quite simple to follow.


A lot of people use base 12 a lot without realising it, in the west its used in measurement, we dont say a person is 71 inches tall we say 5' 11" that being 5x12 + 11 and in the UK pre-decimilised money was base 12.


In time 1 hour is the time it takes the earth to rotate 15 degrees, and the old fashioned astral navigation would have been less accurate using base 10 than base 12.


The Base 13 joke is from Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy where a super computer was built to calculate the answer to Life the Universe and Everything and the answer was 42, when asked what it meant the super conputer said you need to build another computer to find the question. The new supercomputer was the planet earth and the result was found at the end with two cavemen playing scrabble and on the board came up the words "What is Six Times Nine"


6x9 is 54 DEC but 42 Base 13 (4x13 = 52 + 2) is also 54 in Decimal, and Douglas Adams who was also a great Physicist made the classic statement ... No one makes Jokes in Base 13 anymore, later in life when asked about this he admitted it was his subtle and humorous way to get people to think "Outside the Box" all is not as it seems.


Sorry to bore you, but its weekend here and the first day of Ramadam BORED Shitless.

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