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What is best for a childs : single mum or fighting parent ?


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Best way is to split if the parents can not get along. Being in a home where the parents are at each other's throat all the time is very damaging and does not set a good 'relationship' example for young minds on how a good marriage is supposed to be.


Saying that though neither spouse should use the kids against their spouse, and both should have equal access of the kids - both compromising along the way and using some due common sense and basically behaving like adults and not spoiled angry children themselves. Selfish petty adults fuck up many a child's childhood and lives.


Staying together for the kids only works if both partners can behave civilly and set an example that helps the kids gain the skills they will need as adults when in their own relationships. It rarely works though, as kids are much more sensitive and intuitive than many adults realize.


An amicable split, go your own seperate ways and find whatever happiness you can, and treat the kids right emotionally and financially. (All while trying your hardest to keep lawyers and courts out of it as much as is possible.)

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