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is 'sponsoring' always the beginning of the end?


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well we had most of these discussions already, but perhaps this could be a refreshing new flavour/variant of the good old 'sick buffalo' slickery slope down the sisaket highway with the occasional look back... :)


to get some stats I added kind of a poll as well ;)


so what do you if say this 'dude' met a gal just briefly, but enough to get infatuated & most of the time keeping her on top of his head (well together witgh all those other gals from past & present, wife etc LOL).


but then they got separated perhaps he flew back home er perhaps she went back home upcountry...


now probably they've kept in touch now & again perhaps via phone, email, chat, facebook, sms whatever, but lately it's taken quite a more serious path & ah well she's admitted to some financial uncertainties - you know it could happen to the best of us especially at these times.


say she's struggling to get steady work maybe upgrading her studies a bit or having to move into regional city to get better prospects & that usually incur some 'startup capital' say rent, deposit, english course etc.


as the gentlemanly 'boyfriend' mr farang is he after initial shock decides to go along - hell it's just a few thousands or 6k thats being asked as a 'loan' & once up & running it'll be returned with hefty interest or at least in kind if you know my drify :hubba:


so whats the worst to happen?

suppose she could ask again & again never really deliver on her 'business plan', so what the fuck - bail now or later (after she gain weight & color her hair green)???


or live happily ever after? :)


...(to be continued)...

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Anyone sponsoring a TG is a sad fucking loser and deserves to lose every penny/baht/satang/cent/fil.


I agree 100%. First of all, if you're "sponsoring" any girl who has in the past taken money to fuck, and you think that by sending money you are going to keep her from continuing that practice in the future, you are are 100% deluding yourself in the most pathetic fashion. Shit, chances are that before she took YOUR money to fuck you she was already receiving money from another sponsor so she wouldn't take money for fucking...


If you're sponsoring a "good girl"....well, hell, she's still a Thai. The idea of making oneself better in any qualitative way is really a foreign concept to them. Most likely your

"education" or "business" money is going to a) gadgets like cellphones B) clothes c) treating her friends to nights out at RCA d) her parents e) her Thai boyfriend or f) all of the above. Anyway you slice it, you're a pathetic sucker.

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Back in the day I used to send girls a few dollars. No strings attatched on either side really. They were always waiting when I got there, we had some great times in bed and out and I never regretted a cent of it.

It's no different to spending money on one night stands with hookers, if you don't get value for money you don't go back.

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