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Who is really typing those emails ?


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I like to think I didnt come down in the last shower, but I know how good CP's English is because I've seen her sit down and write long, surprisingly articulate letters : she then hands said letter to me, collects her bags and leaves without a word. Its all part of the performance, and I act suitably serious and wait for the tearful phone call.


As you can imagine, I am periodically surprised to receive emails which don't sound like her at all. She even changes the spelling on her name at the bottom, but I hadn't thought much about it until last night. Turns out that there are nights when her long-suffering girlfriend has to go to the internet cafe and send her emails (if she's emailing other board members, you cheap bastards really need to send more money, OK ? Emporium isnt a charity, and a girl has to look nice for her adoring public).


I can live with the idea that she is typing the emails, but I'm less entranced to think that she has read some of my more, ahem, licentious emails to Ms CP about various carnal adventures, past and future, that occupy about 98% of my conscious thought.


I know - I bring it on myself - but I'm sure she isnt the only TG to engage in this sort of deceptive behaviour. There might be another tearful letter in 5 or so weeks - its a bit tougher to storm back to Soi 22 from Singapore.




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Well, she could be writing the letters in Thai and then getting the internet cafe to translate into English for her - this happens a lot from what I've seen.




She's getting a friend to forward emails that the friend has sent to her beau(s) in order for her to use them. I mean, no offense GD, but the average BG's letter to a punter isn't going to stray too far from the "how are you / miss you too mutt / think of you always / please send money" kind of routine, so she could be using a friend's emails in order to save her typing them herself.


I'm sure I also saw a BG with a book in her possesion once that was basically "emails in English to send to your boyfriend" with a copy of the Thai translation on the opposite side of the page so they know what they were sending.


Think of everything these women. :smirk:

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Just curious, GD... you seem like a smart guy from what I've read in your posts.


But you must have a huge masochistic streak inside... why do you stay involved with this woman? Sounds like she loves to play games and mess with your head!


Surely there's someone better / non-crazy out there for you!



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Only moderately delusional...


Back to the OP, writing letters to punters is big business in the entertainment areas of South East Asia.

Trust me, none of your little sexual peculiarities would raise a single eyebrow of the average letter writer.

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Our place regularly translates email;s into English and vis versa.


Nothing odd about it - if you don't speak a language it makes sense to use a translator.


HOwever if you claim it's your own words then there is a problem.


Otherwise it's a good service and a nice income for internet shops etc.




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