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"Receiving" anal from girls


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If you like taking risks (financially and emotionally) moving to BKK will be great - but not necessarily the most positive - experience.


Bar girls have a lot of experience catering to us Farang and doing anal actively isn't probably not new to most of them. I haven't tried it (but I know a Thai BG in my hometown who is specialized in this...).


Dating a bar girl has been discussed on this board for years. Some did or do and the experience is probably different to most relationships with Western girls since a very different set of variables is involved, therefore be prepared for a lot of trouble (even though you can't prepare for it, if you have trouble with relationships at home, it might not be that different in LOS).


Additionally it seems that the Thai society and political system is undergoing huge changes, which might lead to big trouble in the upcoming years.


Therefore, if you move to LOS, keep the door to you home country wide open and only invest what you can afford to loose.



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Wow there seem to have been quite a few responses even in just 24 hours. Maybe I should start a blog or something. Thanks for the input anyway. To bust, yes we did use a condom, especially since we'd borrowed the strap-on from the go-go bar. To Elroy, I tried the Eden Club, and one of the two girls was OK, but for the second it wasn't really her scene (even though she agreed to do it). I also prefer spending a longer time with one girl as opposed to a short time with two.


I feel like English teaching in Thailand would work out for me, since I'm qualified and have heaps of experience (I was going to open a language school in Europe, though I definitely would just do normal teaching in Thailand until I got the lay of the land there).


The real leap into the unknown for me is getting involved with N. or another similar girl, since I'd never even met a Thai girl until this month (I get along fine with girls in general though). What might happen if we started seeing each other (I would not care at all if it was exclusively her on me)? Going back through old threads on here there seem to be some cases of bar girls financially ripping off customers that turned into boyfriends, is this common or is the main risk in relationships with them just of them seeing other guys?


I'm guessing anyone on this board would know more about the Bangkok bar scene than me, so I'd be grateful for any input :content:

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