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A Spanking Good Time


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Ok seeing as a few have mentioned recently a lack of posting in the nightlife section thought I had better do my bit.


Not usually one to venture far from Pratunam an invitation to meet up with another board member whom I hadn’t see for a few years was I guess somewhat appealing considering the frustrating time I was having dealing with Thai Customs. :banghead::banghead::banghead: Another story


It’s been about 4 years since I had been to Cowboy. I think last time I took Burma Girl into Suzie Wong’s one night to ease her curiosity. I remember the night well as I was captivated by this heavily tattooed short haired girl who was probably the most erotic dancer I have ever seen. Maybe a few of you remember her.


Met up with him and another member I hadn't met before at a small open bar at the Asoke end which was a quiet and laid-back. Don’t ask me the name as my focus was elsewhere. Sat had a beer and a great chicken Kebab served by this real sweetie who had just changed out of her incredibly tight university uniform into something a little more practical.


While I always enjoy my time in LOS, because I usually remain away from the nightlife areas the view from my barstool was pleasant to say the least. I had forgotten just how cute these girls could be. While they always seem so jing jai fortunately I have been around long enough to know is all a game. But still it’s such a nice change from the the locals back home.


I have been off the drink for a number of years due to some liver damage (unrelated to alcohol) so a cold Sam Miguel Light was my choice of poison for the evening. Now the problem here is light in Australia means low alcohol content but I found out in LOS it means something completely different, low carb or calorie. From there a walk down past a few bars. I must admit that if the outside personnel resembled the inside girls there wasn’t really much to catch my attention. Sure there were a few cuties but I tend to be put off by aggressive touting at the best of time regardless of the circumstances. We ended up wondering into Afterskool for round 2. A nice collection of girls happy to have their tops removed for a play, which we were only happy to oblige. Nothing like a nice fresh farm girl squirming on your hand while you bite her on the tit until she squeals. Hard to tell sometimes whether it’s pleasure or pain. I guess the teeth marks are sometimes a fare indication. From here three became two as I think this is where we lost the guy I had just met. Now I may be wrong and will I am sure be corrected if I am, but next stop was Cactus. To be honest was not all that impressive. Few girls reluctantly dancing on the stage. Shaved pussies and landing strips at eye level but I am guessing the level of lighting was to avoid an accurate evaluation of the girls. Next stop Jungle Jims. One thing that has always annoyed me about bargirls is sometimes they just can’t, or won’t take the hint you are not interested. While we were latched onto immediately, lots of growling may have had something to do with it, several girls just would not go away. Finally able to relaxed between a pair of eager ladies. On my left was a young newbie who while accommodating was very reluctant to open her legs to my probing fingers while on the right was an older girl who was enjoying the attention. She didn’t have much to say as she spent most of the time with a mouthful. Actually became a bit of a pest after a while but hey who am I to deprive her of something she seemed to enjoy. I think by this time we had all had a few drinks and the other board member with me through 500B in the bin along with the tabs. We stayed a bit longer and then decided time to move on. “Check bin khrup†Hostess comes over and grabs the ticket but no 500B to be found. Now we both saw it go in but didn’t see it come out. Although we argued the point it was obvious we were not going to get a satisfactory result so paid up no tip and left with a big line drawn through the joint as places to visit again. Shame as the girls were fun.


Off for another chicken kebab. Mother and daughters run the cart and are really nice people. I guess it’s little things like this that make LOS such a special place. From there we headed down to Soi 20 and ended up at one of those small beer bars which is nothing more than just a 2m x 2m kiosk with some chairs. Couple of ladies but of know interest. Was one however lady working there who was exceptionally cute for her age with these great set of puppies trapped beneath her shirt. While my friend massaged them she points to her boyfriend sitting 2 feet away with his back to us. She loved it. So we ended the evening there and I headed back to the hotel alone for a well needed sleep.


Friday night met up with my partner in crime from the evening before along with one of his family members who at this point will remain anonymous and headed off to Bradmen’s. Modest showing with a few members I had never met before along with khunsanuk. Ordered the burger, which I had read the reviews on and was not disappointed. We left and headed over to cowboy with the intention of walking through only and heading up to Nana.

Nice surprise though when we were stopped by the mamasan from Jungle Jim’s. She apologized for the night before and the incident with the 500B and went on to tell us that they found out which girl had taken it. According to her she copped a good flogging and was not back at bar. For 500B she caused a lot of trouble for not only herself but the other girls. I suppose we probably would have tipped all the girls we were playing with but one girl blew it for all of the…. someone will see the funny side in that. So the three of us jumped in a taxi up to Nana. Now before I go any further the third member of our entourage is an incredibly cute 18 year old Uni student. Weaved our way through the katoeys loitering out the front and straight up the stairs into Spankys.


One of the things I have always had issue with in regards to the bar scene is I have always found them somewhat dull and unimaginative. Bored girls robot like dancing holding a chrome pole. The only time they seem to enjoy themselves is when they interact with each other. Spankys however seemed to have taken the let’s do something different approach and it works. We settled into a booth next to the bar. The layout is the traditional long stage running down the middle with booths either side. A handrail is locatd above the nib wall alongthe front of the boothes with a pair of handles suspended from the ceiling above. So the girls stand above you on the handrails with their arse hovering just above. Complimentary lengths of neoprene rod are used to spank the girls with. Must say it was lots of fun and a few got bent over de-briefed and spanked with both neoprene and hand. One particular cutey got special attention when she came and sat down. She had changed into this little backless black cocktail dress and was probably the second cutest girl I had seen all night. All this time our Uni student friend who was handy with the spanking herself seem to be more interested in receiving as apposed to giving. A few beers later the bargirl spankings had given way for the uni girl spankings. With nowhere to run she took it all with a cheeky smile on her face. Gave as good back as well. We kind of became the entertainment after a while with none of the bargirls wanting to come anywhere near us. So our young student remained in the middle arse exposed copping a good hard spanking for the rest of the evening. She mysteriously ended up with a number of bite marks on the back of her neck, which she proudly showed the following day. The hair tied up I am convinced was intentional even though she denied being aware of the marks.


So we put our little friend in a taxi and sent her home while we headed back to cowboy around 1.00am. I remember parting company and heading back up suk but the next I knew it was about 11.00 am and I had woken up with a headache and a panther in the bed beside me. Another story.


As a footnote I went back to Spankys the following Monday and bar fined the cutey from Friday night. Well worth it. I was glad I was flying out the next day and I could have become quiet comfortable with her. For the record she was only the third girl I have bar-fined in 15 years of visiting LOS. Very nice. I will put a pic of her in sponsors section title "Where To Park Your Bike"... :beer:





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It's no wonder there are sometimes so few posting in the NL section when you not only write to such a standard but are doing so about events of some interest. None of this "bfed a cutie, shagged her all night" yawn yawn here! Outstanding effort and I had not realised that Spanky's truly was a bar for the CP minded, place might be worth a visit.


Anyway bravo, superb report.



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He leaves out the next day bbq markets and kho san rd events. The bar we met was sam's 2000 and the chicken kebab lady has 2 daughters. Bust may remember one daughter not working thursday night had called me by bad timing as her mum served me. Seeing the number i handed the phone to her mum to answer. Not sure who was more stunned, daughter who should not be calling me or mother! Hat's off to the lady at jungle jim's not the mumma san but old enough to be. Just a co worker who corrected a wrong. Spankie's is good. They sell the tubes for 100 baht. Apparently it was nervous dog's idea. Owner gave up a round of drinks and given we'd never been there before very nice of him. Worth plugging the bar and he does listen to suggestions. The girl with us, family member is not quite accurate, loved the venue oddly, she must be into spanking. Sad to hear this is the second person who stopped drinking to be pushed off the wagon by me!

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Ah yes I remember the phone call....funny. I remember the look on the mother's face was priceless. The markets were good expecially inspecting girls tattoos....maybe new occupation. And bbq was a great way to spend saturday afternoon. Still think the Jacobs creek was a nicer drop. As for the wagon wasn't on it really, had just been resting.

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Guest HonoluluJimmy

100 % will spank

75% will finger your butt

50% want a condom to cover their finger

15% will reem you...

That's about it for that....


Oh, one of my favortie double booms in BKK, Morning NIght Bar, on girl loves to reem while the other smokes. Sort of a half sandwich since you have to go doggie with one under for the smoke and the other on top or the reem. LOS

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By older she's 21 - younger one is 19 - quite funny I have all three including mum's mobile's.


Older is a slim beauty - younger is a curvaceous sexy beauty,




Not sure about spanking but I've been having fun flogging half the village with the tubes from Spankie's.



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