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Tigger gets banged up

no rite way

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Guest HonoluluJimmy

Too bad his mothers genes are not more in play, as his abborant behavior would be far less. Why did the poster spell Tiger with two gg's. A qwip or slip. How many bar girls say "Chocolate man no good" not my opine just repeating what I hear, alot.

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Turns out Tiger was banging a few chicks. One of them is a minor, C list celeb from a show in the states called Tool Academey or something like that. Others are no names. One of them is getting paid by it all by giving interviews and selling text and phone calls he made.


Tiger should have learned from the many NBA and NFL stars here. You bang the girls from the fold. The ones who have an understanding of the situation and will not talk because they want to have access to stars. Kobe didn't learn that and ended up in trouble.


There are numerous women here who are litterally passed around or float from one athlete to another. They love the access to all the celebs, parties, etc. and keep their silence in exchange for that exclusivity.


Heard the pre nup says she gets 80 mil if they last 7 years.


On a side note this is why I don't want to get married. I know I'm gonna want extra poon. If I am rich, there is an added disincentive NOT to get married.


Also, goes to prove the adage that no matter how beautiful a woman is there is someone out there who is tired of her. Tiger's wife is stunning. I am not privy their bedroom activities obviously but my guess is after a couple kids, she stopped sucking dick and gained a few extra pounds. Not to exonerate Tiger. He's still wrong.

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Tiger is gonna go back to banging chicks outside his marriage at some point. His wife can slow the process. Start doing the things she probably stopped doing before she was Mrs. Tiger Woods. A little more head. Give the 3rd eye another try for the sake of your marriage. hehe


If I was Tiger I'd get out now. 80 mil is gonna seem cheap compared to the hundreds of millions at stake when she's stayed long enough to outlast any prenup or follow up codicils to it.

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Local paper talked about the pre nup today. Seems old Tigger's got the serious cash tied up well and truly.


Those discussions are believed to include changes to the prenuptial agreement the couple struck prior to their 2004 wedding.


Ms Nordegren is apparently in the throes of a hard-nosed renegotiation with Woods for a deal that will reportedly make her between $US20 million ($21.9 million) and $US80 million ($87.5 million). That figure, while huge, pales against Woods' earnings which topped $US1 billion this year.


US reports suggest Woods has paid her $US5 million to stay with him while their agreement is recast to deliver her more cash - up to $US55 million in the event of a split.


Reports said she was previously entitled to $US20 million after 10 years of marriage.


One of the main changes is understood to allow her to collect after seven years of marriage.


That decision would force her to remain with Woods for another two years.


It was also claimed this morning that Ms Nordegren has bought a new house in her home country of Sweden for $2 million amid speculation she might move back there.


He wants to get rid of her, if she squeezes a sprog out of him it's a different ball game.

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