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Tigger gets banged up

no rite way

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If i were tiger I'd be cutting my losses and calling it quits. I'd be amazed if the marriage lasts forever now. So she gets some dollars. That's what happens. She deserves it, she is his wife, and this must be unnbearable to hear and read about every day... now some madame states she sent hookers 2 at a time to him all over the states.. The rate of $$ he paid for the hookers (allegedly) you would think that would buy some confidentiality. i bet there are a lot of worried high flyers who use(d) her escort agency now.

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What's interesting about all this is that it's been going on for years and the golf media has ignored it. You can't tell me those guys, or any of Tiger's friends on tour didn't know. Even Bust posted early on in this thread that Tiger's tryst in Melbourne was common knowledge.


Just shows how honorable (or not) the sports media is compared to the celebrity gossip media, once they get a hold of a story like this.


Of course, if I were a writer for Golf Digest or a presenter on The Golf Channel, I wouldn't dare say anything negative about Tiger if I wanted to keep my job, so I guess that explains it.


Now that he's fair game and has been twisting in the wind for a couple of weeks, it seems his best initial option would have been a little more openness about his 'transgressions' and NOT to throw hush money at any of them, which is tantamount to blood in the ocean for attracting sharks.

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Eldrick loses one sponsor. More to follow???


Accenture marks 1st sponsor to cut ties with Woods


For six years, global consulting firm Accenture PLC featured Eldrick Woods in ads designed to highlight the company's claimed attributes of integrity and high performance. That relationship is over now.


Accenture ended its association with Woods on Sunday, marking the first major sponsor to cut ties altogether with the golfer since his alleged infidelities surfaced and he announced an indefinite leave from the sport to work on his marriage.


In its first statement since the Woods' scandal erupted, Accenture said the golfer is "no longer the right representative" after the "circumstances of the last two weeks." The move ends a relationship during which the firm credited its "Go on, be a Tiger" campaign with boosting its image significantly.


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Accenture dumping him makes sense. They're all about getting corporate clients to make wise decisions. Gillette, backing off for the moment during golf's off-season, I can understand that. The Gatorade decision to drop his soft drink was allegedly made prior to this controversy.


However, until it's revealed he pulled and OJ or something, there's is no possible way I can see Nike dumping him.


Edit: I forgot about AT&T. They're pretty mainstream. I imagine some problems there.


Double edit: Forgot about AMEX too. Jeez, this guy has more sponsors than a top Soi 33 hostess!

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