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pick the nationality and win


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Received this SMS today. maybe she works for Hookers sans frontiers.


hello darling how are you today? i never feel this way for anyone before and i cant do without you. Have it in mind that i love you and i will always do. please call me i want to hear your sweet voice again i miss you somuch.



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Eastern Block: nope cold

Mexico: getting colder

Thai: freezing


I previously though Thai BGs were unique but they use a universal tecnique that has is almost carbon copy to the most remote regions of the world. So many behavioral traits are the same, from feigned love, sad stories, desire to have your money exclusively for them (jealousy).


Do hookers have ESP? I think so, cause they all call or sms at exactly the same time from time zones so removed from each other. So much so i somethimes thing they have been talking to each other.



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