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Guest HonoluluJimmy

Road Block

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Guest HonoluluJimmy

Notice was given about holiday drinkers in Phuket!! OK, not news.

Today there was a road block at the big intersection where comming from Patong you can go right to Maekro Big C etgc or move past that a come out at Lotus and continue N on Bypass. All sides, Ins Sticker, Driver Card and take off you sun glasses.. Slow Going. Because of my previous live I have a Royal Thai Police Medalion on my front grill so I got a salute and waive thru but not untill I waited the que. They picked that place rather than the police box just past the go carts comming out of Patong. One would see that and hang a right at the Family Mart to sortee thur Issan Nit Noi as it is called. Infact most of the black taxi's traverse that in both directions if the police box is hot on them at that moment! The Thais don't like that as the road is small and trafic disrupts their way of life!

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