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Before setting up a message board on our own server, we had one running on InsideTheWeb first (content of which unfortunately is completely lost). When we got kicked out there, we moved to Delphi.


The board was hosted there for about 2.5 years until Delphi decided that they would start charging for membership. Our board was one of the few selected for testing this new scheme.


None of us had any intention of paying $4.95 / month to Delphi which is why we created a board on our own server at that point.


The Delphi board was deleted not long after, but a large amount of the content was preserved. And that is stored in the archive linked below.


Nanaplaza.Com Delphi board archive


This forum is to discuss the posts in that archive.




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The original board was fun, since most of us posting on it were doing so at work. There was sort of a "naughty boy" feel to it. Then others discovered it and it grew tremendously - and we got kicked off for using too much bandwidth. :(


Too bad we can't recover Josh's battles with DocWildwood, the guy who posted to ask about "gender reassignment surgery" in Bangkok etc. ;)






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Damn it all!! :cussing: I can see wasting wasting hours of my life going through these ancient threads. :onfire:


:banghead: :onfire: :cussing:


...Just kidding... it's absolutely brilliant! :up:


Can't wait too read my old posts from back when I was a n00b! :)


Thanks for posting these!! :worship:




Dang... I should log in more often, just noticed its been up for 4 months.. :surprised:

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Oh my, my first recorded appearance on Delphi Nanaplaza - 8/8/1999. And it's a response to something I must have posted earlier.









Thank you very much for your advice. I'm not a FARANG, I'm Korean-American.


For your information, of all the Asians, the Koreans are the smartest, most attractive and humble.


So Mr. Flashermac, I owe you a peek of my Korean girlfriend' tiny but pretty breast. Have a good day.



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