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Well, it's here. Apple Tablet. Ipad.


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Promo clip.


Design description.


Not for sale yet but up now on the Apple site.


9.7 inch touchscreen. 3G capable. Will run all the ipod apps and have it's own. Flash drive up to 64GB for storage. Touchscreen keyboard but you can use an external keyboard dock (or bluetooth).

10 hour battery life (advertised).


Price range from $400 to $829 (USD). Also have to purchase a 3G data plan if you go that route (comes stock with wireless capability for home network).


They're also pushing it heavy as a 'reader' (a la Amazon's thingy) and opening an ibook store. Not good for the kindle.


Will be curious to get external reviews. Especially about the touchscreen keyboard (I don't like that, but we'll see). Not a shill for Apple but --- looks pretty neat.

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Yesterday an Apple Forum I am a member of almost exploded. Most seem to hate the new iPad, but I guess those fanboys had expected a kind of workstation/game machine/ebook reader/home server/camera iphone...


IMHO the best comment is from the NYT:

Today Apple finally unveiled its tablet computer, the iPad. Thus concludes Phase 1 of the standard Apple new-category roll-out: months of feverish speculation and hype online, without any official indication by Apple that the product even exists.


Now Phase 2 can begin: the bashing by the bloggers who’ve never even tried it: “No physical keyboard!†“No removable battery!†“Way too expensive!†“Doesn’t multitask!†“No memory-card slot!â€Â


That will last until the iPad actually goes on sale in April. Then, if history is any guide, Phase 3 will begin: positive reviews, people lining up to buy the thing, and the mysterious disappearance of the basher-bloggers.


Like the iPhone, the iPad is really a vessel, a tool, a 1.5-pound sack of potential. It may become many things. It may change an industry or two, or it may not. It may introduce a new category  something between phone and laptop  or it may not. And anyone who claims to know what will happen will wind up looking like a fool.


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It is just a bigger iphone without a camera. :p


If I would buy it, I would buy the iPad 2.0. I am sure that future generations will have a camera and multitasking.


BTW, the first gen. iPhone was equally weak and even didn't have apps in the beginning...


PS: My phone provider just called me that I could switch to the iPhone right now. Before they told me that I had to cancel my contract, which will expire in August. But know I will wait until summer for the next generation iPhone which is due for June.

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