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Superbowl - where to watch?


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I didn't see The Who part, just listened while I was cooking, quietly at home.


As much as I liked and admire The Who, I walked out midway through one of their concerts at the Long Beach Arena in California a few years ago.


It wasn't completely because of the band (Ringo's kid on drums was actually impressive), it was the environment.


No smoking in the (what used to be a pot-filled haze) arena, and an impossible single file wait for a drink in the lobby (you'd miss the entire event waiting). The kicker was that when my friend fired one up in the outdoor smoking patio, the other concert goers looked at him as though he was crazy. And these people were all older that us! Had they never been to a concert in their day? :dunno:


I couldn't believe we walked out on one of the best acts of all time, but it was a case of wrong place, wrong time, wrong expectations.


At least we got in for free. The security guy got us in backstage - a strange,dark, maze like walk right out of Spinal Tap that I won't forget. :)

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