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Lost 12 Kg and still going


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Since January.


Don't scoff but this is a protein only diet i.e. no carbs or alcohol.


So eggs, meat and cheese.


It works and the odd vitamin tablet is taken to assuage my trace element worries.


If you're serious about losing weight this the way to go (for me anyway).


The test will come when I get back on a normal diet, but with a little will power, I'll do it.


The protein only meals make me feel full on a small portion so my stomach has shrunk, ergo, when I get back to normal I should eat less.





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Coss, you need carbs... brown rice is magic, and tastes great.

Fruit and veg, a little protein and treat yourself with sweets occasionally.

In 17 months I'm from 140+kg to 94kg.

And NO booze.

I lie I had a Laphroaig in Chiang Mai last week, because, like Everest, it was there... in the Red Lion.


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Atkins diet! You will probably regain 20 kg after you go off the diet.


Yep, Atkins. It was all hype a few years ago and even I did the diet. As with all radical diets it didn't took long until I regained every gram.


The problem with Atikins is, that you can't stick to it. Like no rice in Asia?!


PS: After all the craze and earning millions on non-tasty low carb products, the company went bancrupt.


Anyway, good work Coss. :up:

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To all, yes cheese is fat, and yes no beer, and yes it's like the Aitkens diet, yes it's hard to stick to.


But the key, is 6 more kilos to lose, the huge, will power, "force be with you", pain and suffering will be, when I finish and have to return to a normal diet.


That's when the extreme difficulty will set in. That's when I have to modify my lifestyle to ingest less than I've been used to over the years and maintain the eight loss.


In my estimation this will be the major challenge.



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I went back to Weight Watchers after a 20 year absence. Those who know me will tell you that "dainty" is not a word which matches my physical appearance.


I've tried a number of different diets over the last 30 years. Typically, I'd lose about 15 kgs and then hit a plateau. And I'd stay at that level for a couple of weeks. That would be enough for me to say "fugg it". I'm depriving myself of pizza, ice cream, chips, onion rings...for WHAT? :cussing:


A couple of things in the last year got me to start seriously thinking about losing serious weight. First, my primary doctor said that I "must" lose weight. With Type B diabetes, knee joint replacement, and a bunch of other stuff, the doctor was pushing me toward gastric bypass surgery or the lapband procedure. So, I went to a clinic that specializes in those alternatives. It's a quite throrough process. A list of tests must be conducted before they will even start talking about what procedure would be best for me. A complete blood panel, chest exray, consulation with a specialized nutritionalist, meeting with a shrink (to evaluate my issues and whether or not they were "defeatable"), etc.


I decided that a bariactric surgery approach was not in the cards for me. Too radical, too much risk for things to go south, and too limited as to what and when I could eat. When I was shown that a meal would be the size of what you can put in the cup of your hand...well, screw that! I mean, that would be for the rest of my life (which I hope is another 10-15 years). It would mean going to a restaurant and picking food from another's plate...or going to a friend's house for dinner and essentially being rude by not trying all of the stuff they'd prepared. Too, bariatric surgery requires the initiation of an exercise regimen that my reconstructed knee will not endure (significant walking). And finally, I found that bariactric surgery is often no better at long time weight reduction that non-surgically approaches (though, initially, they have some dramatic results in the short term).


So, scared out of my wits about surgery, I started going to weight watchers in late October. That was about four months ago. So far, I'm down about 20 kgs...and that is without exercising. I've come to the conclusion that my approach this time is different than previous attempts to lose weight: eat what I want, but in small portions and not all the same stuff every day. The new WW recipes are really good. Like spicy stuff...it's there. Meat...it's there. Potatoes...there. Even some snack stuff like popcorn...there. The new WW program doesn't count calories anymore...it uses a much easier to track point system. Has been working well and I'm optomistic about this latest effort. Like I noted, it's a different attitude. It is NOT a diet. It is a change in eating habits that I plan to use for the rest of my life. In fact, I told a number of folks in the LOS last October that I would not be back unti I lost 40 kgs. I think I'll make it by September! :yay::yay::yay:



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