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Lost 12 Kg and still going


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I actually have a couple vids along those lines--one is yoga for regular guys, the other yoga for men. The yoga for men one is great--no men in the video, and the camera lingers on all the right places as the gorgeous babes stretch.


So your answer is--hell yeah, yoga is flaming gay.

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Currently I feel my age (48). :shifty:

My muscles/tendons ache a little bit and my right hip started to hurt and I switched from outdoor running to the treadmill at the gym.


Current program:

3 days a week running following the Couch-to-5K Running Plan. By now I have increased from an intervall of 90sec running/walking to 5min running/90sec-3 min walking (total 20-25min). :up:

My aim is to run a half marathon next spring.


Same same on the half marathon goal. Keep us updated.


I can't run often on a treadmill' date=' it makes me want to scream. The nice thing is you can control and force a pace. But run outdoors. C'mon it's Scal.


Here's the most important question, what's on your playlist when you're doing this?


Ps. Good on you for sticking with it.



It get the feeling, that it will not always be that easy to stick to it, after the initial enthusiasm is waning off. Today I overslept, I am in a bad mood, because a certain girl didn't call, my fridge is empty...


Anyway, I am off to the gym now (1 1/2 hours late).


My playlist consists completely of easy to listen to audiobooks (crime novels e.g.). Until yesterday it was David Baldacci's "The Camel Club". Before it was the David Mitchell's "The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet" (great story, very well written). A good books shortens the time on the treadmill considerably.

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Interesting, just ran a quarter marathon just under one hour. Just started running earlier this year and stuck to it, all 5 to 6km runs, until yesterday when I ran a quarter marathon, 10.5 km.


Today I started to prolong my daily runs and did 7.4 km, will just keep doing that until my aim of a half marathon next year comes in sight!


Don't listen to music whilst running and wonder if I need to go and visit a tread mill for the rainy season.


Next run coming up will be a 5 km run 2nd October. Looking forward to it.

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It get the feeling, that it will not always be that easy to stick to it, after the initial enthusiasm is waning off.


Look at it in a way that gives some kind of meaning. Don't think of it as a chore or dull routine to follow to lose weight. If you see it that way, you'll be screwed.


For me the best feeling is after a run. Especially a long one you've built up to. When you come home and you're sore and just want to sit on the couch, eat Panang Curry, and watch old Sergio Leone films for the rest of the day -- because you're too fucking exhausted and beat to care about the usual bullshit. That's a damn good day.


Give it a shot listening to music one time. I go into a daydreaming state, partially focused on music and breathing, partially set adrift.


Anyway, good luck.


Ps. My running name is currently, die Schnecke.




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Interesting, just ran a quarter marathon just under one hour.


Hey Limbo, are you doing that in LOS? If you are, MAD RESPECT son. That climate kicks my ass like a gaggle of gogo dancers bearing down on a drunk coming from the ATM. I wasn't kidding earlier, after a couple of miles I couldn't continue.


I noticed the Harriers have a presence in BKK. When I'm there longer, going to look them up.




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Hi Dave,


Yes indeed, all my current running is done in the LOS and where I live it also goes up and down all the time, double whooped so to speak.

Since all my current running is done here, I kinda get used to the climate but I am faster and it's easier on a cool day! I prefer running in the late afternoons but there are plenty of early morning runners about here.


The Q marathon started at 5.30am, the marathon even earlier.


The half marathoners started 15 minutes before the Q marathon and in my last km, 3 half marathoners overtook me!

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Atkins diet! You will probably regain 20 kg after you go off the diet.


Yep' date=' Atkins. It was all hype a few years ago and even I did the diet. As with all radical diets it didn't took long until I regained every gram.



Yes, but not all extreme diets result in quick re-gaining of the weight.


The Christian Bale diet in particular (the one he used to lose a ridiculous 60 pounds for his role in The Machinist) really gets the fat off, and it *stays* off for a long time.


I did it for three weeks in the spring of 2009, and only recently--in the past 3 months--have I gained that weight back (so I'm doing the diet for another 3 weeks now).


Granted, my regular eating patterns are quite healthy, and I get regular exercise--mostly walking--so it's not like I binge on steaks and bacon after going off the diet. My only problem is massive beer consumption on my 3 trips to LOS every year, hahaha.


Also, be forewarned, this diet is NOT for everyone, it requires extreme discipline. All you eat is one can of tuna and several pieces of fruit per day. I supplement it with a tiny bowl of 10 grain cereal with rice milk in the morning. But that's IT. Oh yeah, lots of water too, and vitamins, haha!!


Exercise is optional, but trust me, you won't have much energy for that! I walk 4 miles a day just to and from work, and that's enough for me when I'm on this diet.


Like I said, not for everyone, but once you've made it through a few weeks, you almost have to TRY to get that weight back on!!


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