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Giles: "burning & looting justified"

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What a piece of shit this guy is. Unbelievable unmitigated bullshit, low even for him.


[color:blue]May 19, 2010...11:09 am

Updated: Ji Ungpakorn on anger


The Anger of the People is Justified


Giles Ji Ungpakorn


The anger of the ordinary people has finally erupted into violence with numerous buildings being set of fire in Bangkok and the provinces. People are also trying to use any means to fight the army. There are reports that Government buildings, banks, the stock-exchange, luxury shopping malls and pro-military media are all being set on fire.


All this is totally justified.. why?


Because:[/color] go to Link for more

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Totally ridiculous.


It has been interesting to see the reactions and level of support for the Red movement over the last year.


Before the 2009 Songkran riots, the Red had significant support. After that they lost many people.


When the most recent uprising started two months ago, the Reds predicted a 'Million Man March'. Actual numbers were closer to between 100,000 and 150,0000. They were also going to send 200 boats down the Chao Phaya river from Ayuttaya. Actual number was more like 10 - 20.


A year ago the Reds were supported by most taxi drivers in Bangkok. Over the last month I would say no more than 50% of taxi drivers (I use taxis often in BKK). A month ago I had one taxi driver tell me 'Thaksin and Bin Laden same, same, no different'.


Two months ago most Bangkok motorcycle taxi riders supported the Reds and would gather around the radio to listen to the speeches from the Red Leaders, even flying Red flags at their posts. Since then more and more were moving away from the radios and sitting just far enough away where they didn't have to listen to the nonstop propaganda. By last weekend it was typically 30% sittting around the radio, 30% sitting far from the radio, and the others somewhere in between. In the last 3 days, many of the motorcycle taxi stations where radios had been tuned to the Reds nonstop for 2 months, had been turned off. Those who supported the Reds were off the join them. The others just wanted to distance themselves.


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Well, all these morons who supported the Red Shirts are going to be out of a job for a long time as well as thousands of other hard-working Bangkokians who have nothing to do with politics.


Fuck the Red Shirts and their "entitlement" mentality. The only entitlement they are going to be getting will be govtfund 5.56mm rounds and long prison terms.


Think about all the people, especially children and elderly, that are going to have to breath the toxin fumes from the animalistic behavior of the Red Shirts. Fuck em all to hell.



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