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Any Sunday brunch update?


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Sheraton Sukhumvit (Soi 14) didn't have their normal Sunday Brunch yesterday, just an enhanced version of their normal buffet.


I paid 1,600 for 2, but I have a Starwood discount card - not sure what the normal price is for the buffet or the Sunday Brunch.



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"I paid 1,600 for 2"


Is it really worth that? I probably don't make as much as others on the board, but 800 Baht seems quite excessive to pay for lunch.


BTW, the Majestic Grande does a pretty nice lunch buffet for ~300-400 Baht (not sure of the price, customer paid). Not a massive selection, but something of everything and some pretty good food (pasta, Thai, cheese, breads, sushi, cold cuts, etc).




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Is it worth it - well Yes and No.


No, I wouldn't go very often if at all if I had to pay.


But I do remember seeing a blog (with photos and copies of receipts) of the Chelsea owner having lunch (for 4) in NYC and paying something like 50,000 USD.


So, guess it all depends on how you look at it.

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