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Beware Kasikorn ATM's -- just f**king thieves

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I would absolutely cringe next morning hopefully (please tell me you weren't sober when you posted this) if I ever posted what you have just written, Mekong.


One of the other things I failed to mention earlier about my love of farang life in Thailand is the complete egalitarian aspect of it.


Certainly amongst my circle of friends here in Pattaya, no-one gives a monkey’s about how much money or property you have, where you live, own it or rent it, which nationality, which school you went to, which university, which job you had, which old boys’ tie you wear (I’m getting a bit carried away here -… 1-0 to Gilbeys gin there…no-one ever wears a fucking tie in Pattaya except to a funeral!)


This I reckon is the bottom line for me and all my group of friends in Pattaya:


A decent, friendly bloke


Good manners.


Have something interesting to say


Good sense of humour


Try never to gossip about others (I fail sometimes… definitely working on that. I have a Kiwi mate whom I’ve never heard say a bad word about anyone. How I and my mates admire him!)


Cut the negative crap to a minimum. No-one wants to hear a moaning Minnie in a bar.


Be generous to each other with help and advice and money sometimes but that’s usually only when you’re caught short on a night out… always paid back instantly next day.


Be generous to the girls and don’t abuse them.


Pretty simple really. The Aussie mateship motto actually.


It's a very sad way to attempt to win an argument the way that you have. You'd be laughed out of any bar in Oz, and certainly my bar in Pattaya.


If you are so confident about your ability to predict exchange rates


Todays’ GBP .. THB rate on Oanda (an approximation of other bank rates but checkable) http://www.oanda.com/currency/converter/


47.0946 baht


Please help your fellow board members with your bulk transfer scheme and predict what the rate is going to be on


15 June 2010 (one week)

8 July 2010 (one month)

7 August (2 months…I know your 20k GBP will have easily run out by then, but for the poorer ones amongst us it might be handy to know)











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"...no-one ever wears a fucking tie in Pattaya except to a funeral!" - Robaus


O/T - but anyway, I think it's the Pattaya Sports Group that's having it's annual dinner/bash in the near future. I was chuckling at the notice they've been running in the Pattaya Mail; they've actually had to specifically state that no-one wearing shorts or a sleeveless shirt will be admitted. Imagine having to tell people that!


On Topic-ish: I'm wary of stand-alone ATMs having read a few stories over the years. I try to use the ones inside the bank itself where possible.


My millions are in the SCB. I like SCB. They gave me an orange when I opened the account.

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On my last trip to Pattaya I made it a point of going to the tesco Lotus to use the free machine there...50 baht to get there' date=' 50 baht to get back so saved myself 50 baht :)



And lost a couple of hours you will never get back for 50 baht :surprised::sad:


Ou Contraire. I was albe to get my supply of M150 in bulk thereby saving me even more money. 10 mins there, 10 mins back ;p


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