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Waffle stand in Patpong?


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Guys...please help me out.


Over the years I have spent a LOT of time in Patpong and many of those evenings, in typical "loso" style, ended up in the notorious blowjob bar Star of Love prior to staggering drunkenly to a taxi.


Once back at the cockasian pad waffles were often the perfect thing to soak up a half dozen or more Chang.


I am thinking of a business to combine my two passions: blowjobs and waffles.


Do you think there is a chance in hell of financial success of a take away waffle cart, something between the shwarma on Soi Cowboy and an average noodle cart, positioned nightly somewhere between Foodland and Pink Panther on Patpong 2?



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Personally, I think acockasian is onto something here. Beer and waffles in, spunk out ... brilliant!


I predict in no time acockasian will be soooo successful, he will an become an arrogant hiso belgian cunt, and he will have so much dosh and so many wealthy friends that he will only come on the board to make snarky comments about us low-lifers.


Please, acockasian, remember the little folks once you have hit the big time.

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I think we're forgetting waffles have played an important roll (5 5 5) in religion. I've already posted the link to the jewish library, however think about the catholic ceremony. Wine and waffles. People don't realise it was pancakes or waffles not bread that was broken. Remember jc was a jew and hence per my link after a big night out had waffles. So, with this small step, is the op is bringing, with his wine and waffles, religion back to patpong? I think a sainthood could be in order with the right bribe.

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