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Philippines vs BKK


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Hi everyone. I have been to BKK on several occations and it is tons of fun. I have the opportunity to either go to the Philippines or BKK for 4 days. Anyone have some insight on which i should choose. i am into the P4P but I am familiar with BKK and it is a great place. I heard it is a lot of fun in the Philippines also.


Let me know what you think



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Got any pics of those two wearing bath towels in bed? It would make it more real for me. :)


To the OP: Assuming you are referring to Angeles City as the P.I., I'd give it a miss on a 4 day trip, unless you can fly in there directly. You lose a bunch of hours getting to/from there if you fly into MNL.

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LA cafe closed(yesterday at noon) by Mayor LIM coz of human trafficking and child abuse, Amazonia deserted, 251 women rescued from restaurant serving asbrothel in Ermita.

Better go elsewhere.....


Unless you're talking about a 2nd closure which I haven't seen reported, you are giving misleading information. These 3 posts are from another board.......


"Anyway, back to the subject matter, got clarification from somebody who knew somebody who knew somebody.


The police charged in hoping to make some money, remember, it is school enrollment now - so they needed to make off with some $. The girls / pros where all legal aged, and anyway, picking those girls will not burn the establishment, as the girls are on their own will, and to burn the girls - you need to have spies who attest that they monitor the pimps/mamasan .. etc. etc - Too messy and it is a longer operation right ?


So the cops did what they knew best: Picked up a few of the waitresses, because they "LOOKED UNDER AGED" - the management knew the score (after all - one of the owners is not new to this trade) so they told the waitresses to rough it out for a night in the cop shed, in lieu of a overtime pay - and, after the girls managed to get their families to produce other forms of identification - birth certificate, passport etc. the cops had meekly told to give atleast 500 peso each to be released. The management had stood strong, and won the fight, and all waitresses released without even a scratch.


Comment #2


"Following reading the news above, I've just finished a chat with a GFE of mine, who happens to be a LAC freelancer (and, surprisingly enough, one of the sweetest BGs I know).


She said the only thing that happened is the girls got checked for IDs and sent on their way. So much for "rescuing" !


All an all, she dismissed the whole thing as "no big deal" - neither for the girls, nor for the punters, and (probably) not for the LA owners: a slight inconvenience - just a part of life."


Comment #3


"The "raid" seems to have blown over quite quickly. The place was packed last night and well into the morning as if nothing ever happened."


So, the place may have closed but seemed to be open again on the very same day.


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If it was closed and padlocked on Tuesday, then there was a 2nd closure then that is only being reported here by you.


Guess it's time for a little digging.


Edit.....after a quick dig, it truly seems the LAC is closed for now. The info I pasted here is in the middle of a thread on another board and the posters don't seem to have retracted it in later posts. I've inquired exactly what the were trying to say but in the wait period, all reports show it's closed and numbers of 5-6 million pesos are being thrown around as a figure to reopen "clean"

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