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Good Value Dining in Pattaya


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Here are a few of mine and my mates' good value recent dining experiences.

Wine can be more expensive than the meal at some of these venues. So Up2u.


The Village Chippy (150m south of Boxing Roo Bar on 3rd Rd then 20m to left)

11am-midnight Closed Mondays

Super clean

Very authentic tasting Fish and Chips with mushy peas 95 - 145 baht

Many other items on menu including Curry Sauce that Brits enjoy on their chips

Soft drinks 15 baht, PINT of Asahi beer 90 baht. Free deliveries 2km radius.

Authentic Brit style Chinese opening next door soon.

Owner very good supporter of ex pat community.


The Bowling Green, soi Excite just off Soi Bukhao and Soi Chaiapoon.

Excellent fish and chips 95 baht every night.

Various other nightly specials

Roast Pork on Sundays 95 baht!

The generous owner deserves more patronage for keeping this excellent facility open throughout the year


Cherry Restaurant (opposite Excite disco on 3rd Road)

Different specials every night, but try Sunday's gourmet 6 course set menu 275 baht (I don't know how they do it!)

very popular with ex pat community.


Kings Table Soi 13 opposite Sportsman Pub

Saturday night BBQ 199 baht Beer 65 baht. 6pm? - 10 pm

Very friendly German/Aussie owner

Excellent quality meat.


My Way (half way down arcade beside Kiss restaurant)

Dutch owner

The most tender steak I have ever tasted!... they don't even give you a serrated knife, cos you don't need it!

275 baht


18 Coins (coming from the beach turn right where Soi Diana meets Soi Bukhao 40 metres)

I haven't been there myself yet, but my mates highly recommend the breakfast (100 - 130) and the cottage pie (109).


Jade House (Wednesday free BBQ 2:30 - 4 pm approx)

My mate complains it's too greasy, but I love the German sausage. YMMV It's free...can't get better value than that.

And after you've eaten you can play hide the sausage with the girls!:hubba:


Deutsches Haus near soi 4 on Beach Rd N Pattaya

Saturday night buffet 200 baht?

Stickman recommends it.

I enjoyed the German sausages and onion sauce. My mates felt bloated. YMMV.


Benjamin Coffee (east? or S Pattaya rd side of Soi Bukhao market area, Tutkom end of soi Bukhao). Closed Saturdays.

Free wifi

Excellent 35-50 baht coffee beats Starbucks hands down! Delicious pastries too.

Popular ex pat people watching spot on Tuesday and Friday market days.


Please add more good value restaurants that you have tried.


Bon appetit













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Good value vegetarian food can be found near the +roads South Pattaya and 3rd Rd.Most meals on the menu cost around 70 Bt.Look out for the sign outside saying "Aharn jey",its a standard shophouse size place.Mainly Thaistyle food but also does some western eg.pizza and chips etc........Also the food court in Carrefour has a wide choice,the only drawback is the noise which is deafening-they have filled up the back of the court with noisy games machines ...

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Thanks for the tips--a couple new ones for me. I tried 19 coins and wasn't impressed--my favorite breakfast is now at Bake and Brew on Soi Exzyte--they actually have fresh brewed coffee in their 99 baht breakfast. My previous favorite was Canterbury Tales on Soi Chayaboom--90 baht it's a very good value.


Another good cheap eats place is Seaside II, also on Soi Chayaboom. Pork chop dinner with jacket potato about 115 baht. Water maybe 10 baht.


One of my favorites is Sizzler for their salad buffet at 149 baht. 20 baht more gets a piece of chicken or fish if you get the special. Everything else on the menu avoid. Water is 30 baht.


I'll add more as I think of them.

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I like The Little Wonder cafe in the arcade next to Kiss Restaurant. Basic British greasy spoon with decent prices, but is also the only place in town (probably the only place in Thailand) where you can get authentic pie, mash and liquor. :applause: Probably only the cockneys on the board will know about that.

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One place outside of Pattaya for Seafood, where I took Dumsoda so he can vouch it's good and good value, is Preecha in Baan Amphur, about 20 minutes south of Pattaya.


It's on this map with tons of place marks for Pattaya restaurants (and other landmarks).



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Agree....great water views....great food...great company (as well as expat...lol)

Bill, from memory 750 Bt for 3 including drinks


Pla minnow (lemon..NOT small !!) / khao pad Bu / Tod mun goong / (sorta) tom yum...but herby (great) / plus something else...can't remember


Dessert was delightful...LOL


Highly recommended


Thanks mate....we'll do it again soon

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The thing like Tom Yum is called Bo Taek. They are similar, but Bo Taek has grapao (Thai basil) and other herbs/spices. It's a true favorite of mine. I can't remember what else we had either.


Oh, I just remembered that there is a pretty good seafood restaurant inside Pattaya--a bit more expensive naturally. It's called Mum Aroi and it's on the above map.

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