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I've been cooking Thai curries quite a lot in the last month and last week I bought some coriander for the first time to use as a garnish on red curries. chilipepper.gif


When I sniffed it in the shop it didn't seem to have much of a smell but, wow, when I chopped it up I couldn't believe the fantastic aroma that was released. icon-herb.gif


As a result I think I've now got a coriander fetish and can't get enough of the stuff. I was even thinking of chopping it really fine and snorting it! worried.gif

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Actually....I can't stand the stuff..


Patchee...mai aloi..


But I find if you dry it....and smoke it through a water pipe....filled with equal parts Wild Turkey 101 & milk..... the result is pacifying...


Errr...maybe it was the other 'erb...


Mai roo.... all this Asian stuff looks the same to me...



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I love the stuff, it's used heavily in Mexican food, but a lot of people despise it for its aroma. My ex tells me most of her Flip friends don't like Mexican food because cilantro smells like BO, to them.


Seems people either love it or hate it.


This thread has inspired me to hit the taco shop down the street for a few $1.15 tacos. Marinated steak, onions, cilantro and hot sauce. Yum. So lucky to have that place in the neighborhood!

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I think I'll hit the taco truck up the street...I made some ceviche over the weekend...and usually have "Salsa and chips" by the pool...ah cilantro/coriander etc...


Hmph. I have two avocados in my refrigerator at home, so your slander is badly aimed. I make great Mexican food myself here in Patters, but I still miss having a taco truck within striking distance.


Edit: I just realized you were probably auto-replying, not trying to rub it in that there are no taco trucks here.


Never mind. :D


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