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Thai king prawn curry tonight and more of that coriander stuff. Boy am I hooked!


Did you cook it in your shorts? :neener:

Nope, I've learnt my lesson from previously cooking in my underpants. Cooking in my shorts would I expect have similar results (although perhaps not quite as much flavour!).

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Hmph. I have two avocados in my refrigerator at home' date='....[/quote']

What a coincidence, I also have 2 avocados at home......but they're not in the fridge.

Had one of them tonight. Simply cut in half and drizzled with a mayonaise and balsamic dressing with a good sprinkle of rough ground black pepper. Delish. :drool:


PS. No matter how much I like coriander I absolutely adore fresh ground black pepper. Could not do without it. :up::up::up:

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Try this, tomatoes. Italian basil, garlic, oil, vinager, and maybe a purp[le onion, fresh Mozzerella...what ever. makes a great side dish for lamb or steak...or as it's own...


I had tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella last night, drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and copious amounts of fresh ground black pepper and a few torn basil leaves. Delish. :drool:

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