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Fish Finger Sandwich


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Moving on from the Fish Finger Sandwiches I just sampled another perenial favourate of mine I have not had in years, Grilled Sardines on Toast.


Used to be part of my staple diet in my student days, I am sure they based "The Young Ones" on our student pad but thats another story.


There I was getting dragged around the stores in Santiago and I spot a can of Sardines BINGO I just had to have as a snack, I realise that a snack of Sardines on toast whilst spending the festive season in Chile may not be everyones cup of Tea it sure rocked my boat. Loved it!



Oh for those of you who do not know "The Young Ones" here is a short clip



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Sorry to digress, but that's a really timely clip to post.


There is a girl in Peppermint a go go in Pattaya who is a DEAD-RINGER for Neil out of The Young Ones... The hair, the face...she even just stands there and dances how Neil would dance when it's her turn on stage - ie barely moving.


My friend and I were pissing ourselves last night watching her and have actually christened her "Neil"... 5555..!

:grinyes: :thumbup:

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Dyslexic Dog


Cheap was the reason it was part of my staple diet as a student but I had forgotten just how good it actually tasted up until yesterday.


It must be well over 25 years since I last had it, don't get me wrong the food in Chile is great but I just fancied something a little different and as soon as I saw the tinned sardines I knew exactly what I was going to have.


For a laugh once grilled I cut the toast up into small bite size pieces and presented it to my Chilean hosts, they thought it was an amazing Tapas dish, that I am a master chef and are begging me for the recipe 555555

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Guest lazyphil

i mash up the sardines to a pulp with tomato sauce and spread on bread before toasting.


have you been in the andes yet?......i found them to be rather amazing, particually at the point they desend into the amazon and you can still see peaks with snow on.....the food in peru was a bit dire though

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