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Best area of Jakarta to stay, bars, etc.


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Answering my own post here after the trip....forget Jakarta for women if you have any experience with Bkk


Its not the same, I'll give you that. I'd definitely do it very differently if I went back, but the earlier reference to Jakarta traffic reminded me of one of the main reasons why I havent been back since 2002. Genuinely scary, and a major deterrent. Even if you stayed in a 5-star, had hot and cold running women joining you in the bar each night and didnt mind paying accordingly, I still have to question whether most punter would want to stay more than 3 nights max.


Carlton and others posted extensive reports on various nightspots in Jakarta a couple of years back, and it sounded great for those under 40 or so. I thought Hard Rock was pretty boring, but it undoubtedly picks up later in the night - as stated earlier, Tigah Puluh is the most obvious P4P location.

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I'd like to see Jakarta again, but I'm probably 20 years too old to really enjoy the place. Also deterred by some of the Foreign Correspondent stories over the last few years and forum posts from Americans looking to find an apartment in the city - get the distinct impression I would be better served spending my money in KL, a known quantity and one where I dont need to get cabs all over the place to take in the usual suspects. I also object to the fact that I can have 'several million' in my pocket and know it still wont be enough ! :grinyes:


Of course, LOS isnt the only place being invaded by the dreaded Farang/Barang/Bule female:




Bar with live band full of old prostitutes


Jesus, that's a little harsh, isnt it ?

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