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22nd October

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Cut & paste from Nong Noi thread...


PM said....He was leaving town....Wimp...LOL


Farkkn spoil sport...lol


So...the "Regs" will be down to:


DDNavigator Hi mate


Then there'll be

God (Mr Manson)


Moi...(Khun devile)

KS....I hope

(555 remember the last time we met at Bradman's... you me...& the Kitten turned up....& you gave her 4,739 BodyGuard connies..... lasted all of 1 day...3 hours & 32 minutes they did.....LOL)


Bitch gave most of them to her friends at the Bar WNN



OK who else...???


Think I'll cut & paste into Meetings


...if that's OK Boss


Cheers DS


Too late...I've already done it


Cheers again

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I won't be there. The God and the devil will be in town. And I haven't been back home in weeks. Soooooo, I'll be otherwise occupied (Mrs LK will be sure to see to that).


Have fun y'all...

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No worries, as I have enjoyed some super Tex-Mex food while I have been in the USA!


Better still, each of ya get two plates, just in case :dunno:

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