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When we met at Bradman's would often see Stick there. Have a quick chat and move on.

Haven't seen Stick at Cabos...maybe this Friday :dunno:


As far as I know Stick is on a fact finding mission in an unnamed North-Asian country together with his military friend.



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Say what you want about Stickman, but he has always been himself. Galt is always pretending to be someone else. Come to think of it, John Galt isn't his real name either. But Stickman really is his name! :D



[Removed - KS] - Stickman. (not his birth name).


[Removed - KS] - John Galt. (not his birth name).


Both of the above have always been themselves, anyone who states otherwise is either for Stick or Galt...


[i don't really care that the names are out there already, I still don't want them published here - KS]

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