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Weird how his site comes and goes. Forget his name here, he was always so obviously pretending not to be himself it was funny . Sudden thought, maybe he was in love with stick? Should we start a discussion in relationships? Stick is kinda cute, and it would be far more realistic compared to tylonol hotdog .


You should be very careful, the General isn't dead yet nor am I (I say the latter for the very obtuse amongst us); and for that matter Torn.


I posted my true story in relationships because in the midst of life we are in death; i.e. less prosaically the story is ongoing and I wanted the wealth and experience of thai360 members to help me in my wayward path to redemption.


Admittedly I wrote in a jocular spirit in a mood often altering from frighting highs to shocking lows, but somehow I found the derision more edifying then the more misguided comments.


Not that I've ever really need much help anyway - thought it might be fun for the old board to have a go at criticising what I'm going through. So I exaggerated a few items her and there, nothing major.


Anyhow the General is now my ally - I think... I agree it's weird how things turn out. Part 6-10 to follow in the appropriate thread of course...



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Galt is back with a vengence! Galt 2.0 so to speak. The prior bugs have been fixed...


I just read the first article on the revived website. Quite interesting and there will be more of where that came from for sure.


This is bad timing for stick considering that he is trying to offload his website and the bad press will not be condusive to a high selling price.


Regards, L





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