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Maybe it is time to drop the topic, I for one am getting rather bored with the subject matter.


There is ongoing litigation, so why drag this forum into it, nothing to do with us and definatley nothing to do with KS.


My 2 Cents worth



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Mekong, it's BOLLYWOOD now! This is great, I can just see go-go girls leaping off stage to do a song and dance and 25 costume changes in 3 1/2 minutes.

Oh yeah, sounds as if you should be writing the script, all we need now is a Bollywood producer :beer:

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Oooh ... oooh ... what's the name of the film. I've got to see what they turned Bangkok into. Is the hero a peanut vendor or the owner of a tailor shop? He falls in love with a lovely roti vendor, but has competition from a nasty owner of a Singapore publishing company that never pays its freelancers. It culminates in a big fight scene in Pahurat. :hmmm:



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