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Ok, this comes from a trusted source who grew up in sa keow (I hope I spelled that right). It's basically right near aranya prathet (I hope I spelled that right too). I think they may be the same place...anyway....


The cone is the corner stone of a tin foil like structure that is used to encompass a small area whereby a keeneeow freakazoid can save money by cutting their air conditioning bill.




Perhaps it is a signal to a web publisher that he can drop in for a free coconut to spread false rumors to the expat community about the prowess of the bar.


Are either of those things called a speculum?

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Oz - it's coming off, panadol can do the script, waerth can get the talent, there's a film crew in town, what's stopping us? I wanna be "best boy" or "Grip"


It’s funny you should say that, I did consider writing a script – even to the point of roughly sketching out a framework & plot. I thought about writing about the themes of jealousy; of a man who decides to cut away his own soul from his body for profit – only to have it come back to torment him. A blockbuster of good & evil with both sides evincing each trait – a microcosm of the ego if you will. A few good jabs at the establishment too whilst I’m at it – and some sly commentary about modern technology (how the internet can suck). I’d also like to interweave the “Butterfly broken on the wheel†meme – not sure how yet, but sure it will come to me. The denouement where the soul is reunited with the shell of the man will come with some wistful music, where he realises his soul is back, but his life is far from enriched (EU ending); he gets his soul back and it’s incredibly dirty, but he realises he can with perfect clueless candour reconcile with it (US ending).

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