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29th Oct

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Sorry I did not make it to the get together.

It was a long long day...


Started at 09.30 when I got a call from LK....who was still up & going strong....another all nighter


Met him at a mutual friend's Bar (where they had been going at it all night).....and his check bin was approaching 5 figures.....


4 Vodka Red Bull's for breakfast....and I was firing.....


A hard day of sucking Beers....playing pool....and interviewing prospective "service providers"


Totally successful.... the fruits of my labour will blossom today at 3pm


I hear on the grapevine that there could be a stray Dog on the Sois of Bkk very soon



...I'm leaving town....LOL

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I've been stuck with working Saturdays again, so I headed out for one last Friday fling. Unfortunately, I forgot it was a payday for the Thais. Traffic was horrible! Left home about 5pm, but didn't get to Los Cabos until nearly 7pm. I was also supposed to meet up with a colleague, and the sod didn't show up. Roamed Cowboy a bit on my own, but I got turned off by the hard sell and came home early and alone. What an effed up night. :(



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