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Patters - December


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Okay, slight thread hijack and my apologies to the original poster. This is embarassing to ask. (no it doesn't involve me and a ladyboy). I've been going to Pattaya for several years now. Funny thing is I was asked how to pronounce the name of the city by a friend who is going there and I told him what I call it but he said others pronounced it differently.


Is it

a) Pah-tie-yah




B) pattah-yah


I can't recall how the locals pronounced it, which would be the correct pronunciation I assume


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I don't suppose I ever did finalize my last year's frolics.


The night after my three way was a bit strange. I bar fined both girls and walked Beach Road eating street food and taking in the ambience. The girl I'd been with was distant and as I recall made some excuse that night leaving me alone my last night in Patters. I just read it as a little heartbreak; a tough by-product of the profession if you do connect with someone.


I travelled to Bangkok the next morning. I'd arranged for dinner with an ex-fiance but called the Babydolls girl and she came up to BKK my last night in country. The time spent was memorable and very personal. No sniffles at the airport as I left so early but I was glad she came and ended on a sweet note for both our memoirs.


Post Postscript


Back in Patters now for 2011 trip. Went to BabyDolls the first night and pulled a dud. I really do like some kind of connection. My bad choice not the girl. I'd gone earlier in the evening but wanted to get about and see what was new in town. Returned later to barfine after 1:30 when the price is cut at Babydolls. On return mamasan had phoned my 2010 pull to tell her I was in town. I'd also seen the other girl from my three way last year. I was a bit conflicted about starting up again. I'm here for a month this time and there's no way I can pay a month of bar fines , etc. Regardless she said she'd been with family in Bangkok helping with the flooding and would see me the next night.


Like cattle to slaughter I went the next night. Ban had phoned a few times to make sure I'd be there. I knew she was not looking to dress for work and instead wait for me. It was nice to see her when I got there. No histrionics but warm hugs. We didn't stick around and returned straight to the room to catch up. The walk back was when she told me about my baby.


Apparently a byproduct of playing without a condom is the production of little babies. Who knew? At first I was asking about a pet rabbit she had which apparently died. (Oh the irony) Then she was describing a baby. I thought at first the rabbit had died in childbirth but she went on to explain that she had been pregnant with my baby. I shelved the discussion till we got back to the room. I'm not certain a songtao is the format for these disclosures.


I left Christmas day and she got sick mid-January. After a doctors visit she discovered the pregnancy which she said made her very happy. Her birthday is February 4 and I called her that day to wish her a happy birthday. She didn't say a word to me. As far as I could discern she lost the baby a few weeks later. Her description and scar leads me to believe it was an ectopic pregnancy and the baby could not survive outside the womb.


I want to say I dodged the bullet but here I sit in the same city with the same girl making love again without protection. Of course I'm deeply conflicted by my actions. I feel compelled to protect her in some way on one hand. On the other I think I should slink off to Koh Lanta and leave it a clean break. It is friendly and warm but I would not say it's a relationship nor do I think she would.


I asked her about going to Koh Samet today. I feel like I owe her something after what she went through last year. By the same token I can't afford to 'keep' her all month long. At what point do you cut the string?


Hopefully before another luk kung.

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