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Thai Curse words! Post your favs!


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Using swear words to a Thai :redflag: really not a good idea


Whilst I agree with the sentiment every now and again a Yet Mae (Fuck You) is warranted, it lowers my blood pressure and saves me having a heart attack, Working in the Oil & Gas Industry cursing is second nature and I see no reason to change my ways just because I am in Thailand and I will cuss in Thai if the situation warrants it.


Another one of my favourites is "Bpai Klai Klai Teen" basically "Get From Under My Feet" if a vendor gets pudhy on me and wont accept the first couple of "Mai Aow Khrup" then I unleash that one. Alledgedly it is rather insulting in Thai.

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Goo and Meun can be used amongst friends. Usually not a real bad thing when said privately. In public setting it is not really a good thing to do as it means you are from a low social background. Not real curse words though.


It is also used when people are angry with each other.


I personally do not use curse words often and I usually use Yet Khae ... which was a favourite expression of the late Noo Klongtoey (a comedian). It is a curse word but a polite one. It usually puts a chuckle on the face of Thais when I say it.


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Talking of comedians,did you ever perform at the Villa Cafe in Bkk ?It used to be heavily advertised.I went a couple of times.They had the usual assortment of weird and wonderfull characters the best of which was a peculiar hunchback chap dressed as an old woman....was quite funny,also a farang was part of the line-up,fitted in well and spoke fluent Thai....

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Also, be careful in situations where you're expressing frustration or anger around a Thai with using English "fuck" (or "fucking," "fucker," etc.), even if you're not directing it at them...


Thais are well aware of "fuck" as a swear word but of course do not understand its many uses/subtleties (for instance, just because you're saying "fuck" around a Thai doesn't mean you're directing it at them)...


Sometimes when they hear it, even if (especially if?) they don't understand a word of the rest of what you happen to be saying, they may assume that you're insulting them...depending on the situation, this could be dangerous. A LITTLE knowledge, heheh, is a dangerous thing (especially in the hands of the Thais!)...

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It is just plain dumb and counter productive to use swear words in thai IMO.

Especially if one doesnt know the implications.


I never used one, except from the "arai wa" as Moo Noi mentioned.

I have, however, been guilty of using gutteral expressions such as the affirmative "urrr"


Not very polite either.







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I assume you mean 'yet phet', 'yip bhet' would be closer to 18 :)


As for curse words, I don't really curse in Thai much (Dutch is so much nicer for it :) ), but if I do I use 'cii paai' (damn) or 'ai hia'. Also 'meang', no idea what that translates to though :)

Might be similar to damn as well.





à¹Âม่ง Maeng. Short for Yed Mae เย็à¸â€Ã Â¹Âม่. Fuck your mom. :(

ฉิบหาย Chip Haai ตายห่า Dtaai haa, would work as well. (Die from cholera) Chip Haai, destruction and ruin.

ไอ้เหี้ย Ai Hia.

Water monitor lizard believed to bring bad luck in Thailand.




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Ee dork thorng garee chaang yet.


"Ee" is derogatory used when referring to women, "dork thong" is an euphorism for a hooker. "garee" crude word for hooker. "Chaang yet" elephant fuck.



อีà¸â€Ã Â¸Â­Ã Â¸Âทองà¸Âะหรี่ช้างเย็à¸â€


Ai hia, ai sat ai nah hee.


"Ai" derogatary term for males. "Hia" monitor lizard thought to bring bad luck and a general term of abuse, "Sat" is animal and "Nah hee" is someone prone to go looking for pussy.




Use it at your own peril.

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