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....and finally...

Cav, Seething Frog said this morning that Jockstrap is done. Although I heard some where else that JocKstrap is coming out with a book.

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....required to be topless...


Report: Redskins cheerleaders detail uneasy 2013 Costa Rica calendar photo shoot trip


With some NFL teams’ rules for cheerleaders and general treatment of that group under scrutiny, The New York Times published an eye-opening story that detailed claims of many inappropriate and uncomfortable moments for Washington Redskins cheerleaders during a 2013 trip to Costa Rica.


The story, written by Juliet Macur, said that during a trip for the cheerleader calendar photo shoot, the cheerleaders “were required to be topless†and an all-male group of sponsors and FedExField suite holders “were granted up-close access to the photo shoots.†Macur said she spoke to five cheerleaders who were on the trip as well as others who heard descriptions of the trip and corroborated the details.




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President Donald Trump today found out that other than previously published he did indeed sort of pay money to pornstar Mrs Stormy Daniels although for no reason. Him good heart I think.


What worries me as a certified believer in the United States for a lot of reasons is that President Donald Trump will finally make the USA be regarded as a presidential comedy. The little rocketman in comparison now almost seems to be a serious statesman .


I wonder what comes next.

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