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KSU instructor arrested for allegedly exposing self in class



A Kennesaw State University part-time instructor was arrested for allegedly exposing himself to students in a classroom.


The incident occurred on Nov. 30 between 4:35 and 4:45 p.m., the university police department states in the warrant.


Raymond Devaughn Taylor, 57, is accused of taking off his clothes during a class he was teaching, according to an arrest warrant obtained by the AJC.


A student in the class reported the incident to school officials Friday, Arlethia Perry-Johnson, vice president of external affairs for the university, told the AJC.


"We took this issue very seriously when the student complaint was registered," Perry-Johnson said Tuesday evening.


Taylor, of Kennesaw, was arrested Monday at the university and charged with public indecency, according to jail records. He was released from jail Tuesday afternoon after posting $5,000 bond.


Taylor declined to discuss the incident when a WSB radio reporter called him at home late Tuesday.


Taylor, who worked in the business department on a contract basis, taught an accounting class during the fall semester on Tuesdays and Thursdays, according to the class schedule posted on the university's website.


"He will not be teaching again at KSU," interim Provost Ken Harmon told the AJC.


Any other students with information regarding the incident are asked to contact campus police. The incident remains under investigation.



Atlanta Journal-Constitution


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The weakness is that Iran would have had to cooperate. Hard to see the Islamic radicals having anything to do with the US, no matter what the promises.


The Gulf of Tonkin was a screw up, followed by a cover up. The Navy apparently got spooked and thought it was being attacked (may have been whales). After Washington announced the attack, they were too embarrassed to admit it was a mistake and decided to cover it up. Only took one government to do that.


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