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As far as the Ronnie thing & Iran, we just recently learned that the Gulf of Tonkin incident was a fabrication, 45+ years after the fact. So I am still gonna go with that he likely did it because I think him (and his handlers) to be that much of a scumbag...


Just imagine what we will find out in 45 years about 9-11.


If wikileaks doesn't do it first...


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Clinton lied under oath in grand jury testimony.



Funny thing' date=' he was acquitted of that![/quote']



And OJ was acquited of homicide :content:


I think Acockasian was basically replying to your question as to whether or not a President had testified; not whether the testimony was true or false or perjurous.


Maybe if he'd just left off the lying part, the question would have been answered to your satisfaction. (I'd forgotten all about Paula Jones; I'd have done her, given the opportunity.)



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The weakness is that Iran would have had to cooperate. Hard to see the Islamic radicals having anything to do with the US' date=' not matter what the promises.[/quote']

Human nature: enough carrots and people will lose their radicalism LOL!



But not religious fanatics, people willing to die as martyrs for their bizarre beliefs. :(

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I adore Americanized women. Here's a comment I just saw on FB. You guys can finish reading it for me because I got a headache two sentences in.


[color:blue]Lisa Maria Von ***


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My average rate is going to be 100k for 20 days a year. If you account for her almost 4m replacement cost, that money would go to renovating the interior with actual beds that are sofas in leather that roll out to queens. 5 in the salon and five In the pilot house and I cam sleep 34 easy with extra floor space. She holds sixty for parties. I just want to add seating/storage to the outside and people can sleep there too. She's built for Alaska trips And she has it all. If I add a jacuzzi she is perfect. Also a live holding tank for fish cause her aft is built for catching big fish and a live holding tank closes the deal. I can do it all with one investor. Then the more I get, the more things she gets. State of the art stainless viking/ wolf subzero etc. She's a baby w/ 1500 hrs on her engines. Scanias from sweeden. I want to repower her to go 20-30 knots, she maxes at 14. Let me know if you have friends inmind? 65'. 18'6"beam 3'6" draft. She can actually back up to any beach and you can step off in four feet of water! I'll send pics, Brian has most. Then on off time I will charter her and let the industry use her a few days for commercials or longer for films. I can profit a nice 30+ a mo? You would get free time if you find me my first investor!!! Sound good?

Partner :0). You or Brian can call he has my #. Smile.

10 minutes ago · Like[/color]

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I dont think Ron ever actually testified. Has any president? The way I look at it is, delay them coming home a few hours or a few months for what? Ron in office? No way.


Ron was unpredictable and willing to blast you cowboy style and let everyone know it. Carter they could trust to do as little as possible.


That's another counter, Iran had more to GAIN with Carter than with Ron.



Ron definitely testified, I don't think he was president at the time. This was when he said "...I don't recall/remember..." like 137 times...I need to go back and check it all.


Yeah, while I can see a dirty deal being done, as in it wouldn't surprise me either way, I also have some issue with how it could be pulled off or why. The Iranians had no way of knowing who was going to win, so why make a deal with Ron?


As you point out, the Iranians were better off with lame assed Carter, then with Ron, UNLESS there was a deal made...of course a dirty Sanchez could have been pulled and it could have all gone to hell fast.


I do know there were some law suits filed on this, but not sure if any are still current. I do recall that some of the hostages were suing trying to get some of the frozen Iranian assets as well as whatever they might get from any of Ron's dealings. But no idea what the current is.

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