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Another first, well done President Trump!!!

'This says something': Thousands gather in Washington for Donald Trump's 4th of July celebration

Thousands gathered Thursday in the nation's capital to celebrate the birth of America for its annual fireworks event, which features Army tanks, a flyover of military jets, Air Force One and fireworks. The centerpiece? A speech from President Donald Trump — the first time in decades that a president has addressed the crowd.

Many people donning the MAGA hats stopped one another along the National Mall when they saw others wearing the same hat or shirt, yelling “Make America Great Again” or “Go Trump!”

Jim Sutton usually attends the parade each year with his wife, Gigi. But the couple, who sported head-to-toe Trump gear, said something felt different this year.

“It’s just fantastic,” Gigi Sutton said, in her white Trump T-shirt and flag pants.

The pair said the criticism aimed at Trump’s use of military equipment in the event was unwarranted.

“We’ve been having all these problems with Iran, North Korea. This says something,” Gigi Sutton said. Her husband chimed in, “it lets the world know our nation’s defense is well at hand.”


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Thousands Pack National Mall for Trump’s 4th of July Salute to America


President Donald Trump hosted a Fourth of July event today called Salute to America. Despite some reports you might have seen on Twitter saying that almost no one attended, the attendance was actually quite significant. The photos you may have seen circulating were misleading, as thousands attended the Salute to America event today according to photos shared by people who were there and a live stream of the event. An estimated attendance isn’t available yet, but we will add it to the story if one is shared. Just how many people attended his event today? Learn more and see crowd photos below.


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12 minutes ago, buffalo_bill said:

And if Trump shits on a bench in Central Park saying this is the greatest piece of shit that America has ever seen, his supporters shall still get crazy and start yelling Make America great again !

WOW Bubi....is the Merkel koolaid wearing off?

Appears you need to accept what Nasiadai has said....

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17 hours ago, cavanami said:

“We’ve been having all these problems with Iran, North Korea. This says something,” Gigi Sutton said. Her husband chimed in, “it lets the world know our nation’s defense is well at hand.”


Gigi when asked where North Korea might be as well as where the Iran is did not know exactly but felt well because Donald defends them anyway. Although the Donald called brother Kim his " Friend" last week . And what are  " these problems " that Gigi has with North Korea ? Permanent farting after a bad batch of ginseng ?

Khun Cavanami , the world is laughing about the Trump gang . Not that I am happy about it , I still believe in the US and it´s values . It is sadness that befalls me . Honestly.


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Two tanks, Oooer!


In a Fourth of July speech dedicated largely to American military might, Donald Trump claimed US Army troops “took over the airports” during a conflict which broke out almost a century before the first planes took flight.  

Allaying fears he would turn the "Salute to America" address at the Lincoln Memorial into a campaign-style rally, Mr Trump avoided political point-scoring and kept largely to a script, part of which detailed American military achievements throughout history.

 “Our army manned the amparts (sic), it ranned (sic) the ramparts, it took over the airports, it did everything it had to do,” Mr Trump said, apparently struggling to read from the autocue. 


55555555555555555. thanks Donald, that was really funny!

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