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11 hours ago, cavanami said:

...and in Germany...Hey Bubi...wake the f%%k up....Germany is no paradise!!!

German .....

But what about Hillary, Lock her up, Send them back, Fine people on both sides...

It's Obummer's fault, keep drinking the Koolaid, Fake News. Well done President Trump!!!
(note: sarcasm)

10 hours ago, cavanami said:

For the USA, we need:
Proper vetting BEFORE you can buy a firearm.
Firearm education BEFORE you can buy a firearm.
Those that do not abide by these measures, stiff prison terms and fines!
Side note: make all lobbying illegal as it is bribery!
Any and all politicians that consort with lobbyists, loss of political position and all pension. Severe infractions, prison!!!

That's not very Trumpian, Cav....

10 hours ago, cavanami said:

...and the rash of shootings in the USA, mental cases and/or powerful psyco drugs! Need the politicians to get off their collective azz
and fix the situation...NOW!!!

Oh well, NOW!!! that you've said "NOW!!!" we'll get right on to it.

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We can discuss adhering, strengthening or enforcing current and new gun laws till we are blue in the face. it won't happen. Nothing can happen of any consequence unless you either get the NRA's blessing or severely limit their influence. That's the crux of the matter when it comes to any real discussion of gun laws in America. 

I also don't think its in the increase in various drugs psychotic drugs or the like in students. They are medicating kids in the inner city as well. If you are an hyperactive kid, medicate, if you are struggling in school, medicate, my friends back in Philly say the first thing the school does is offer meds these days. So, if medicating  were the case we'd see it across the spectrum of America. Inner city kids as well as suburban kids, all manner of kids are given drugs these days. Why aren't we seeing shootings by youth of all social, ethnic racial and class strata? Same with the adult shooters. 

I can change the gun laws pretty much overnight.  Have black, latino and moslems in every state that has open or concealed carry, start gun clubs. And in the open carry ones, they open carry. Not joking. Not being flippant. Just being real. Have it organized, have these clubs work with the local police in terms of registering who they are and that they "pose no threat' Just embracing their 2nd amendment rights. You'll be able to pass statewide and federal gun laws pretty easily after this. Again, not being flippant or sarcastic, I'm serious. 

Finally, with regards to mass shootings and the like, there is no real solution from a legislative perspective as far as I can see. We didn't have mass shootings to this degree and manner before 15 or 20 years ago but we have had many, many instances of mass violence. We have had riots of all sorts, race, labor, etc, that has seen tens if not hundreds killed. For whatever reason and this is hard for Americans to accept about ourselves, there is just something in the American "pscyhe" about violence. Its this strange dichotomy. America has some very peace loving, idyllic, towns and even in neighborhoods in many cities, where the crime rate is low, there are many, many places that haven't had a murder in decades. And transpose that with a history at the same time of brutal violence led by mobs, organized at times, etc. Violence the rest of the industrialized nations have not. 

There are at least 2,000 active serial killers in America. https://www.livescience.com/62431-how-many-serial-killers-free.html . We are the 3rd largest nation in the world, about 350 million people but serial killers are a breed unto their own. We make them (or have them) like no other. Does India and China with 3 times our population have the same issue? Or other industrialized nations have a similar number per capita? Again, there is just some thing about America that breeds this. Something we don't like to admit. 

Again, this unique dichotomy of dual societies of greatness along side inhumanity. Its in our cultural DNA. 




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And...for those of us, with the inclination, to read a long read.

Whilst the titular theme is religion, the scope of the article is somewhat wider and paints a rich picture, against which events of recent years and weeks, become more focused and relevant.

cupla excerpts::

"Imagine there’s no heaven. Powerful intellectual and political currents have driven this proposition since the early 20th Century."

"...it’s pretty clear that we’re entering into a period of non-linear change in social systems,”...“The Western consensus on a combination of market capitalism and democracy can’t be taken for granted.”


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Just arm everyone as in the old west. Sure,  there might be an occasional gun fight,  but mass killings would disappear. 

Comment: I've never understood why civilians can now buy war weapons that we weren't allowed to bring home when we captured them in Vietnam. 

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