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9 hours ago, Flashermac said:

Remember when "facts" used to mean real facts? Now there is shocking new "evidence" against Trump from a former acting ambassador who says he overheared someone telling someone else about something the guy he overheard claimed to have heard Trump say. Or something like that.  :surprised:

That's it, Trump's finished. Now to get busy trying to impreach the vice president.



Flash - these are credible people, people with distinguished military careers and decades of unblemished  civil service.


So you'd rather believe Cav and the tin foil hat brigade, you are lost my friend


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9 hours ago, buffalo_bill said:

The real funny thing was the press conference when the President declared Erdogan his best friend EVER and they had WONDERFUL  talks and all is now FANTASTIC in the Middle EAST. Unfortunately the BEST FRIEND speaking afterwards did show his bad mood and didn´t want to know about friendship. He further corfirmed the Middle East is a total mess. Anyway I feared Donald would fall asleep any second but he didn´t. Also the problem of Turkey buying Russian air defense systems according to the Donald there are VERY VERY GOOD talks on the way and a lot of FANTASTIC people are working on it. Lots of laughter I am sure in Moscow.

If you look at everything that Trump has done ( not the USA, Trump on his own path),  regarding foreign policy etc, almost all of it  has positive outcomes for Russia.

We'll probably never see a piss tape, but there has to be a reason, for Trump's fealty to Putin.

If Trump really was on America's side, he'd do something negative, towards Russia. Has he? Will he? Nope.

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Coss, also 2 more notable things. Trump has been telling witnesses not to testify in front of Congress and second, the White House won't release the original recording as well as others. And lastly, again, what we do know so far is very, very serious and the Republicans have zero interest in getting all the facts. That is clear. To be fair, I would expect the same of 'some' Democrats but generally speaking the Democrats are  much more agreeable when its their person. benghazi investigation, which was a total BS investigation, Obama administration cooperated. The whole 'server' issue came about from a fishing trip because the original Benghazi concerns didn't pan out. Hillary's private server was wrong. But it wasn't unique. Every prior Sec State as well as other officials in all administrations had them. Colin Powell did. Karl Grove deleted literally millions of emails and destroyed hard drives from the Bush administration. 

But I digress. The Republican view is, whisper it quietly but Trump is guilty as sin, but the Democrats won't be able to prove it comprehensively. That's their view in a nutshell. 

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