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America:  Knock knock 

Donald:  Who's there ?

America:  Whistle Blower

Donald:  Whistle Blower who?

America:  It doesn't matter, all the testimony and evidence, shows you are as guilty as sin!

courtesy: The Late Show


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The Guardian is down on Trump, but even they call it right:

"In the Nixon case, impeachment never even got to a vote of the full House let alone a trial in the senate; a delegation of senior Republicans told Nixon the game was up, and he preferred to resign than be removed. It’s conceivable the Trump story will end the same way, and yet few expect it. The settled view in Washington – which has been wrong before – is that this will break on partisan lines: the Democratic-led House will vote to impeach Trump, but two-thirds of the Republican-dominated Senate will not be ready to convict him, as the rules demand, and he’ll be acquitted."

The Democrats voted unanimously not to convict Clinton, and the Republicans will be close to that in not convicting Trump. Obviously, guilt or innocence doesn't really matter to our politicians. Only staying in power does.  

So what does that mean for the 2020 election? Your guess is as good as mine. :dunno:





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There is a plethora of people and information still be heard and seen. The fact is the administration is pressuring anyone with first hand knowledge not to speak to Congress. Nixon did the same. Nixon was around in a day where the stigma of impeachment meant more. Before Nixon it only happened once in the 1800s. The public was against him as well. The public was never against Clinton. He had a very high favorable rating and it was deemed by the public and the Democrats as the Republicans simply desperate to reverse two elections. I certainly didn't see a valid reason based on precedence which I described on here a few times. And by that time I was done with the Clintons politically so much I didn't back Gore. 


It's clear Trump is guilty. This is no longer debatable. It's why the Republicans were first arguing procedural issues and now arguing hearsay rules not applicable to impeachment and arguing well before everyone is heard. Why not wait till ALL the witnesses are called and why do so when the people with first hand knowledge are being kept from testifying. The reason is that the masses are asses as an old Wall Street adage goes. The GOP are masters of the Nazi strategy of repeating something to the point where it becomes part of your consciousness. 

The interesting thing is had any other prior President we know of, including the beloved Reagan, their asses would be out by now. Trump gets a wide berth. He knows he enjoys that. And that may be his biggest advantage along with the incompetency of the Democrats. We aren't done. We haven't heard the original recording. But the Republican senators are already saying they are voting no. 

You do the right thing no matter if Trump will not get convicted. If he really could be excused by his base on video handing launch codes to Putin, and the GOP wouldn't convict him you bring up articles of impeachment anyway. Let history judge the ones who put party over the country. Not doing so is cowardice. And a violation of your oath. 

America is done. It's apparent we have no honor. When you see all this, coupled with the abandoning the Kurds and other things, I believe it will hurt us down the road. Especially against China or any other power. Countries will believe they can no longer rely on America. And they will be right. And some day, I really believe the left version of Trump will come and the same thing will happen on the left and it will be even worse and he or she will have Trump and his support as precedence to excuse themselves. And the GOP will cry bloody murder and lose. 

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