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Steve, againilly, wot you said...

I think you are more perceptive, than 40% of your countrymen and if 'merica had Knighthoods, you should get one, for your considered and fact based opinions.


And this continuation on a theme ::

Why is it, that when Trump speaks to Erdoğan, something good happens for Putin?

Could it be that Trump can't be seen speaking to Putin anymore? because all the Americans are getting upset, every time Trump takes his instructions?

I predict something good for Putin, a little way down the track, or Trump is getting advice, from Putin, on this looming disaster that is the Impeachment thing.


  1. Trump met privately with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan for an unscheduled meeting on the sidelines of the NATO summit in London. They discussed trade, energy, and the importance that both countries fulfill their alliance commitments. The meeting was not open to U.S. media. (Bloomberg)

"They discussed trade, energy, and the importance that both countries fulfil their alliance commitments. " Like fuck they did.

Secret meetings, always a good place to get instructions.


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2 hours ago, chocolat steve said:

Two things. Foreign leaders have two general opinions on Trump. 1. He's intellectually lacking, a buffoon and/or 2. He's dangerous. 

Second thing. Trump may be the fist U.S. President ever where a majority of the people either have no issue or support foreign leaders, especially allies, mocking him. 

As to the second, I'm not saying its right, but I'm saying that's the current state of things. I personally don't think its a good thing obviously but I can't argue that they are off base. 


But the electoral college has decided (Yes, I did not say voters. More voted for Clinton) and Trump is the leader. We need to address the electoral college. When the majority of people can't elect its own leader there is something deeply wrong. Its un-democratic. A Republican has not been elected with a majority of the population since 1988 to put that in its proper context. 

I should say, special mention, thanks for the link,


Any Trumpanzees that still think The Orange One is God the Light and the Way, should ask themselves, how do you accomplish anything good, when you are the laughing stock of the world?

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Remember at the beginning of all this,  when I was ridiculing Trump, for speaking and behaving, like a 12 yr old girl, in the school yard?

And so it goes....

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16 hours ago, chocolat steve said:

What is abnormal about Representatives voting along party lines in impeachment hearings? You may have a few here and there defect but it's always been along party lines. Only a handful of Dems went along with Newt Gingrich in the Clinton impeachment and the trial went almost along party lines. The judiciary committee for Nixon voted totally along party lines for impeachment to get to a full house vote. 

The fact of the matter is there is a laundry list of things to impeach Trump over, just like with Nixon and today Trump's best friend in all this is Pelosi. I would love to hear with a straight face had it been a Dem doing the same exact things as Trump there wouldn't be an impeachment. It would have happened his first year. 


My sarcastic point was that this is all going to be a waste of time. The Dems can impeach Trump, but the Republicans will more or less lock-step vote him not guilty in the Senate, which they control.

here is an interesting comment that confirms what you've been warning about:

"Prof Turley, who was chosen as a witness by Republicans, said he disagreed with Mr Trump's conduct but 'this is not how an American president should be impeached'. He also warned that Democrats are setting a dangerous precedent.

"'I get it. You are mad. The President is mad. My Democratic friends are mad. My Republican friends are mad....' he said. 'We are all mad and where has it taken us? Will a slipshod impeachment make us less mad or will it only give an invitation for the madness to follow in every future administration?'"    - BBC

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Isn't that what happened in '98? Bill Clinton was on his way out of office which is what made that impeachment particularly petty and a waste of time. Republicans had the House and not the Senate. Bill Clinton lied in a private lawsuit that he got his dick sucked like any smart married man would do. The fact that he was sued in a private matter for something that happened prior to office breaks all precedence and now Barr and others are saying what happened to Clinton can't happen to Trump or any president. Hypocrisy from the GOP but we are used to that. 

If there was a legitimate reason to impeach Clinton even with  only 2 years left of a 2nd term, I'd' be for it. The simple fact is it doesn't matter how popular a President is, if he breaks his oath as defined by the constitution, he or she must be impeached to maintain the integrity of the rule of law. 

This is such a time. If the argument is that Trump did not do anything impeachable so be it. However, the GOP is arguing anything but. It's widely known their talking points handed down (and both parties do this in a crisis, etc,) is that the process is wrong, unfair, anything but the actual act. 

The crime in all this is that Trump has not been impeached earlier. He's allowed acts no other President would. And he has set the bar low for not only how a President can act while in office but by what he can get away with. The precedence of these things will bite the GOP in the ass one day. You will get a left wing version. It's how history works with these things. FDR, as beloved as he is in the history books broke all manner of traditions of the office and not in a good way to many. Same will happen after Trump. If he were to win, Bloomberg would still run his company via surrogates as Trump is. 


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