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9 hours ago, Coss said:

And just in case the Trumpanzees thing I am 'breaking' news with my contemptuous posting of the following images, I first post a cover of a newspaper that is three years old and then an image that can be found, with the most basic of google searches.

And to preempt Cav who will no doubt take exception, to a negative inference of the first lady, may I remind Mr Cavanami that it was he, who first started the now acceptable posting, of negative material about first ladies, with his risible claims that M. Obama was a transvestite, one that 's difficult to comprehend on account of her two children ...

So even though I've already agreed with Steve on the nature and flavour of Miss M. Knauss' rise to her present position, here below. shows truth, to power...




Barron don't look at this.




There's prolly one nerd left in the FBI, whom likes Mr D. Trump, in a basement room somewhere, charged with finding out about posts like the one here,

so that my name can be put on a list of people for Trump to shout about.




Ya know, nude models usually pose nude. So that disqualifies her from ever doing anything else?


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Why the Christian right supports Trump more than any other President ever. Interesting article. Basically, I'll save you some time. Trump told the fundamentalists basically he will do what ever they want him to with regards to religion. The Christian right wants a theocracy. They want a nation that makes Christianity the de facto religion. If that is done, then the biggest pastors become a de facto ruling class. The American version of Ayatollahs. 


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This guy either doesn't know or is straight out lying. The one thing that Obama can be credited for is to stave off a full blown depression. We were hair close to one. It's why its called The Great Recession and not a depression. The economy under Obama was stagnant. We kept hearing stats about lower employment, growth, etc, and it did get better but the pre 2008 economy is no more. Things are worse for the average person. The number and quality of the jobs lost in the Great Recession of 2008 never came back. Some did and even some new ones (green related for example) but we were/are stagnant. 

The reason why Trump was able to get a few hundred thousand voters who voted for Obama twice to vote for him in key states like Wisconsin and Ohio is that Trump rightfully pointed out that the unemployment rate was juiced'. He said the real unemployment rate wasn't 6% but really 15% or 20%. He was right on the money and it hit a chord. Those voters as well as others saw the stats on growth, employment, etc, coming from the government and it was a matter of 'do you believe me or your lying eyes'. Voters saw Hillary as more of the same. She had no plan, didn't talk to them (not one visit to Michigan or Wisconsin). So, people felt they had no choice, even many Democrats. 

Trump didn't change shit. He made it worse. How? The tax cuts took money out of the working poor, working class and lower and middle classes. If this was the greatest economy or even a great economy how is that we are juggling 4 bubbles that we didn't have prior to 2008? All over 1.5 trillion in a 5 trillion dollar budget government: car loans, credit careds/personal loan, student loans and corporate debt which is 10 TRILLION. Unprecedented. https://markets.businessinsider.com/news/stocks/us-corporate-debt-10-trillion-record-percentage-economy-expert-warnings-2019-12-1028731031

AT&T has a debt of 160  billion. https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2019/10/att-facing-158-billion-debt-to-sell-puerto-rico-network-for-2-billion/ That is more than almost all countries. We are on the precipice of a great crash probably. Bigger than the 2008 one by some margin. 

The reason why Trump was openly attacking his own selection for Fed Reserve chair to cut rates that were already near zero is because he needed the market juiced. To keep it from crashing. Econ 101 you learn in business school. You don't cut rates in a hot economy or even a good economy. You raise rates. We raised rates throughout the 90s when the tech boom took off. The opposite in a bad economy, hence we lowered rates after 2008. That is basic econ. Trump harassing his own Fed chair to cut rates is a sign the economy sucks. 

The average American knows the economy isn't great. No conservative can answer why  40% of Americans can't raise $400 for an emergency. https://abcnews.go.com/US/10-americans-struggle-cover-400-emergency-expense-federal/story?id=63253846  AND THIS STAT IS FROM TRUMP'S OWN FEDERAL RESERVE!!

As for the trade deal. the trade deficit with China has actually gotten worse since Trump started a trade war. https://www.politico.com/story/2019/03/06/us-china-trade-deficit-record-1242498

I applaud Trump for trying to address the trade deficit earnestly and forcefully but he's the wrong person to do it. He has made a huge mess of it. He's well meaning. I'll grant him that. But he has zero idea on how to fix it. None at all. Everything he's done is off the cuff and by the seat of his pants. This is an extremely complicated thing. He didn't expect to win so he didn't form a comprehensive and cohesive plan. To address it you would gather the country's best economists and minds and run through economic models on what different scenarios would bring. Cause and effect. I was a low level financial manager and I know that. It's a basic, simple thing you do for anything of that sort. I was managing a new financial products area for a financial services company and we ran everything through economic models based on a myriad of criteria: interest rates changes up or down, etc. Its 101 type stuff and Trump didn't consider any of it. 

The present so called lowest unemployment rate consists of most Americans taking any kind of job, part time jobs, 2nd jobs, etc, to eke out an existence. The cost of rent has skyrocketed since 2008. Housing has increased as well so the cost of buying a home has gone back up. Young people don't have the money to buy homes because they don't have quality jobs. Each generation after the baby boomer generation has done worse economically than the preceding one. That is not Trump's fault. That started happening way before him but the fact remains that the economy sucks for those in their 20s and 30s, and they are the ones that the future of America needs to do well or we continue to devolve. 

So, this great economy he talks about is complete bullshit and the irony is that his supporters know it. They are the ones with the crushing car loans, credit card debt and student loans if they are young. 

...and before we start using the stock market as an indicator of a good economy it isn't. The stock market took off in the 1920s before the crash of 1929. The stock market rook off in the '80s before the largest one day drop ever in the stock market in 1987 with 25%. The stock market rose through the Bush years despite 2 over leveraged wars before the crash of 2008. The S&P was 334 on January of 1990 and was over 1,200 September 2008. All that time a huge housing bubble ensued and it all came crashing down. 

This economy has huge endemic and systemic issues that Trump made worse. He took an already relatively weak but functioning economy under Obama and made it even more vulnerable. How we avoided a crash so far is a miracle. 

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I would be amazed if we get past 2022 without a major crash. The economist and financial minds I follow have pretty much formed a consensus. Whoever wins in November 2020 will likely have to deal with it. If its a Democrat and it happens early enough, the blame can be placed on Trump. If its 2 or more years in, that will be difficult.

If Trump wins he will have to deal with it and he will likely spend his time blaming everything and every one else but he'll have to own it. My guess is it will leave him historically next to Nixon. Bush has somehow made himself seem like the likable doting grandfather and people are a bit more forgiving of him being a disaster. Democrats still don't like him but they don't attack him. Trump will get roasted alive. Because of his personality the knives will come out, even from Republicans and it will be open revolt. They are only with him out of fear. Once that fear is gone and their voters won't support him, he will be roasted. It won't be pretty. I wouldn't be shocked if he resigned under some pretense like health. If you recall seeing the last days of Hitler with shaking hands, that may be close to what Trump may be doing. 

If the crash happens before the election, the Democrats will take charge of all 3 branches of government. 

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I left America in 2009. I recall at the time, being alarmed that rental prices in south Central, the worse area of Los Angeles being around $800 a month for a one bedroom apartment. Now? It's about $1,200.  The working class and poor would need a 50% increase in wages from salaries that were barely getting by from in the first place. 

This isn't Trump's fault. The point being is that there aren't jobs that are paying a livable wage in most areas of the country. Furthermore, companies have stopped providing the same quality benefits like medical and dental, etc. 

The job I had when I left the company didn't replace. They split the functions to other employees and hired someone at a much lower pay. There are jobs that pay 60k and higher. Lots of them actually but the competition for those jobs are fierce. More and more experience and education are needed for jobs that took less credentials prior. These days a master's degree is almost like a Bachelors's degree 25 years ago. Everyone has a degree. Customer service jobs that didn't require a college degree now have mostly college educated workers. 

What I realize is that the Dems have no idea about the economy. They are so far removed from the lives of Americans they have no clue. None. If they did they'd be challenging this 'greatest economy mantra, Trump and the Republicans say every time you critique him. 

I think the Republicans, at the top level, do know it sucks. They know it and are wiping their brow the Dems are poor at politics. Their voters are hurting but their voters figure they will be hurting financially no matter who is in the White House so they may as well have their own in there. The few Trump supporters I know complain about their job and life. They are bitter. They take it out on 'liberals' and others but they are hurting. One guy I worked with overseas and is now back in Louisiana eats up the economic data we send each other and the data is the same ones I post here and he has a confederate flag on his shoulder and is a rabid Trump supporter. He knows the economy sucks. 

And the few that have decent jobs live in morbid fear that it will be gone with a downturn. They have mortgages, car loans, kids who need tuition, etc. 

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Being the son of an old school baptist church deacon and assistant pastor and a sunday school teaching mom and this post from a person who has lost pretty much all faith in the institution I grew up in, i personally do not consider these evangelicals Christian in the classical or real sense of the word. 

They are no different than the Pharisees of the new testament. The evangelicals have been on the wrong side of EVERY socially moral movement in American history. Every single one. They were for slavery, for Jim Crow, for segregation, against the women's right to vote in 1919, against the Civil Rights movement, against the women's movement of the 1970s, for the Vietnam war, against gay rights (although a case can be made doctrine wise). 

Furthermore they are possibly the most hypocritical of all the major niches. A long standing doctrine they said when they came to power politically in the Reagan era in the '80s was that a Christian should always back 1. a Christian candidate and b. also the more moral candidate. They used it as an excuse not to support Clinton in the '90s. In the 2012 election, Obama a fellow born again Christian ran against Mormon, Mitt Romney. The evangelicals consider LDS (Latter Day Saints, Mormons, by another name) a heretic religion and non Christian. I personally don't give a shit either way, believe in what you want, but that's the position of evangelicals but they supported Romney anyway. And when any were asked if Obama was a Christian they would say 'He says he is so I have to take him at his word'. They have never, ever questioned the faith of any professed born again candidate UNTIL Obama. They took Bush at his word. They took non practicing McCain at his word. 

The modern Christian movement is completely bullshit and heretical and illegitimate. Top to bottom. And when I hear 'You don't know their heart' the usual response from Christians who know they are full of shit. I can only indict them with their own bible that they don't follow and that is when its said "I will know you by your works". Their works is full of shit. 


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The national debt. During the Obama years when the economic numbers (as juiced up as they were) was looking better and better, Republicans kept harping on the debt. Plenty of posts on here about how much debt Obama was accumulating. 

Which was true. Obama accumulated a lot of debt but in any economic collapse you spend. Republicans knew that and would have done the same under the circumstances. We spent our way out of the Great Depression, we spent our way in the '80s after the '70s. America became a net debtor nation for the first time under Reagan. Obama did what he had to do. The debt deceased after the 'car got out the ditch' as Biden says about the economy but technically it was fair to critique Obama about the debt because he could have spent less and still get the job done. 

Republicans are hypocrites now though. Trump is increasing the debt at a fast rate. There is no reason economically to increase debt at all and especially at this rate in the so called 'greatest economy ever'. For example, in the '90s tech fueled boom, the debt incurred under 12 years of Republican control dropped and to almost nothing. This wasn't Clinton being such a great guide of the economy but a natural thing to happen in boom years. 

Whenever (rightfully so) you ask conservatives 'What about the same debt you criticized Obama about?" The response is 3% unemployment. They hypocrisy is that Obama could lay the same claim when the unemployment rate was dropping significantly according to the government numbers. 

The sad fact is Trump could have done so much for the future of America economically because had such a hold on his supporters they would have went along with it. But in doing so the economy would have had to slow down. All he did was stave off the inevitability instead of addressing it. He's made it worse. The drop is going come faster and harder now. 

"Ye know not what ye have wroght"



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