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What allies? We do not have any allies at the moment. We have countries that tolerate us and are wary of us. Name one true ally? The UK? We already know what they think of us through the leaked cables from their ambassador. Germany? Merkel and he are warring? Canada? He has verbally attacked Trudeau and the two do not get along. Mexico? They hate him. Israel? They tolerate him to get what they want. They are fully aware of his racism and bigotry and antisemitic tropes. They are fully aware that antisemetic white supremacists are his hardcore support. France? Laughable. Japan? The country he is telling to cough up money to pay for bases and they are in a stagnant economy, that Japan? Saudi Arabia looks at him as a stooge for their own benefit. Saudis have loaned him millions. That's not an ally, that's a business arrangement. 

Fact is we have ZERO true allies. Bush and Obama could get a coalition to fight a war. Only the most blatant lying supporters would say Trump could manage even one country to go along. 



Top US allies are abandoning Trump and warning ISIS will benefit following the assassination of an Iranian general


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1 minute ago, chocolat steve said:

My personal favorite



The Dems trying to find something they can blame on President Trump! is more like it...

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Dems Have Impeachment Fears as Another Trump Rally Reaches Ten Thousand

Trump 2020 momentum gains steam, as Democrats can barely fill a high school cafeteria

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The US Congress' most powerful Democrat is coming under pressure from Senate allies as she holds up President Donald Trump's impeachment trial.

House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi has delayed sending the articles of impeachment to the Senate in a tussle over rules with Republicans.Senator Dianne Feinstein called on Mrs Pelosi, her fellow California Democrat crone and ex-neighbour, to "send it over".

The Senate's Republican leader vowed there would be "no haggling".

Mitch McConnell said he can muster the majority of 51 votes needed among his fellow Republicans in the Senate to codify the proceedings without Democratic support.

Senate Democrats said prolonging the stand-off would be pointless.

"The longer it goes on the less urgent it becomes," Senator Feinstein said on Wednesday, Bloomberg News reported.

"So if it's serious and urgent, send them over. If it isn't, don't send it over."

The political trial of Mr Trump cannot begin until the Democratic-controlled House sends its articles of impeachment, the charges against the president, to the Senate.



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Which countries love Trump the most and least?

Only 29% of the countries surveyed by Pew expressed confidence in Mr Trump last year, in keeping with how his presidency has been viewed since its infancy in 2017.

Pew notes that this lack of confidence is in part due to opposition to the president's foreign policy.

Mr Trump's policies on tariffs, climate, immigration and Iran are all largely unpopular globally. His negotiations with North Korea's Kim Jong-un garnered the most support, with a median 41% approval across the 33 countries polled.

Unlike Mr Trump, the US remains favourable in the eyes of the world, generally speaking, Pew found.

"Favourable opinion of the US declined dramatically when Trump took office and remains significantly lower than during the Obama era," Pew reported.

But in the last year, there have been some increases in favourable views of the US, which Pew says "may be driven at least in part by increased favourability among supporters of right-wing populist groups in some nations".


How Trump stacks up against other leaders

It appears none of the five leaders have received particularly high marks overall, but Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel saw the highest of the group.

The US president received the highest negative ratings of the group, though Russia's Vladimir Putin and China's Xi Jinping were also seen in a negative light.

"Trump is more popular among people on the political right, yet even among these respondents, confidence in Trump rises to 50% or higher in only six nations," according to the report.

So which countries love Trump the most?

While overall, it seems the world lacks confidence that the US president will make the right choices, Mr Trump does find support in some countries.

Mr Trump is popular in the African nations surveyed despite his past missteps - including reportedly calling African states "shithole countries".

Kenya and Nigeria, which view Mr Trump favourably, are both among the top recipients of US economic aid, according to the Security Assistance Monitor. Pew also notes sub-Saharan African nations have typically expressed favourable opinions of the US.

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari was the first sub-Saharan African leader invited to the White House in 2018. The Trump administration also sold 12 US military aircraft to Nigeria in a reversal of an Obama-era policy.

Mr Trump's support in the Philippines is less surprising, considering his praise for his Philippine counterpart Rodrigo Duterte.

In 2017, Mr Trump was criticised for telling Mr Duterte he was doing an "unbelievable job on the drug problem" in his country.

Since coming into office in 2016, Mr Duterte has encouraged extrajudicial killings of those involved in the drug trade, which critics allege undermines human rights.

Mr Trump's favourability in Israel is also expected; the US president has a close relationship with Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu and the US has long been supportive of Israel.

The Trump administration has gone controversially further in that support - moving the US embassy to Jerusalem and recognising Israel's sovereignty over the occupied Golan Heights, which was seized from Syria in 1967.




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I'm no fan of Hillary but the Republicans put on the longest investigation ever in American history in order to sully her name for the 2016 election. A complete bullshit investigation that the Democrats knew was bullshit but was too weak willed and spineless to call it what it was. The whole 'lock her up' cry was bullshit. The whole I'm gonna lock her up when elected was bullshit. Hillary was guilty of a few things. Benghazi , BS uranium deal and even the server issue. The latter being the norm for high officials. 


Justice Department Effectively Ends Clinton Investigation After Finding Nothing: Report

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