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Another lair, scumbag is outed!

Mueller Witness Who Allegedly Funneled Money To Clinton Pleads Guilty To Child Porn, Trafficking

George Nader admitted to possessing child pornography and trafficking a 14-year-old boy into the U.S. for sex.

National File reported on the indictment of key Mueller witness George Nader for allegedly funneling $3.5 million to the 2016 Hillary Clinton presidential campaign in December. Today, he pleaded guilty to possessing child porn and sex trafficking.

Nader, 60, was a key witness in the Robert Mueller Russia probe against President Donald Trump, and a Hillary Clinton supporter who was indicted for funneling millions of dollars to the latter’s failed presidential campaign...

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19 minutes ago, cavanami said:

More facts and proof on the Clinton corruption...


Already cleared. I've never, ever seen this guy's allegations amount to anything. So, why read it when he has a track record worse than my NFL fantasy picks (and they suck). Trump owns the FBI and still no 'lock her up'. because its bullshit to hurt her campaign (and it worked to some degree). Trujmp's own hand picked DOJ and FBI haven't done shit. So which one is it. Trump is incompetent or there is nothing there. And 'the deep state' isn't an answer, don't insult us. 

And again, I do NOT like Hillary. But I'm not blind either. 

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Sorry, you are very blind. You cannot connect the dots! The DOJ was staffed by Obummer holdovers, like Comey...NOT appointed by President Trump but fired by President Trump!

If you cannot see what is plainly in front of you and you deny anything that detracts from your biased narrative, then you are lost.

2020, 10 months, get ready for four more productive years with President Trump!!

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