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Let's hope the Dems come up with a viable candidate, Bernie or whoever.

Let the USA citizens have a real choice, not this lesser of the evils crap!!! 

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5 hours ago, chocolat steve said:

Florida has a HUGE problem with invasive species. It's a potential huge ecological issue for America as a whole because these species are expanding their territory outside of Florida. Its not just animals, its also fauna/plants. 

Many people in Florida imported (often illegally) birds, snakes, insects, plants, from all over the world from places with a similar type of climate so they can thrive. Some animals escaped or people got bored and let them go or the animals got too unmanageable and if they were illegally imported they feared giving these species to the authorities. 

The net result is introducing things to the ecology that is extremely disruptive. My parents are retired south of Miami. My mother complained about giant lizards outside her back door. I realized after a description and some research this wasn't native to Florida but a species brought in from Asia. 

America has a potential ecological time bomb on its hands. There are plenty of examples of how new species enter a new ecosystem and ended up making native species extinct. Jamaica once had a pandemic from this. Jamaica had snakes back in the 1400s when Columbus first went there. When sugar plantations were set up the planters feared many of these snakes and imported mongooses from India. The mongooses killed off many snakes.....who were eating the rats. The rats flourished and there were wide spread diseases as a result and there was almost an epidemic that was squashed in time. 

The introduction horses by the spanish in central and south America inadvertently altered native Indian tribes west of the Mississippi. Many of the horses ran free (our modern day mustangs) and the Indians adopted horseback culture. This enabled certain tribes who were warlike to dominate and take over vast amounts of territories from peace loving ones. It changed the entire landscape of tribal native America for ever. If you notice tribes east of the mississippi were on foot. The Mississippi river was too vast for the horses to get across. 


One "invasion" I haven't heard about in quite a while is of the Central American cayman. For years they were sold in pet shops, and many were turned loose when they started to get too big too handle. Unlike the domestic alligators, the caiman are much more aggressive and can even be a danger to human!


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7 hours ago, chocolat steve said:


'I could've f------ gone!': Trump blamed John Kelly for his own decision to bail on a WWI memorial visit, according to a new book


link not the one for the headline :)

here's one - https://www.businessinsider.com.au/trump-blamed-john-kelly-wwi-memorial-trip-france-2020-1?r=US&IR=T

“It’s incredible that a president would travel to France for this significant anniversary – and then remain in his hotel room watching TV rather than pay in person his respects to the Americans who gave their lives in France for the victory gained 100 years ago tomorrow,” David Frum

Then-conservative British MP Nicholas Soames, a grandchild of former prime minister Winston Churchill, also chimed in by suggesting in a hashtag “#hesnotfittorepresenthisgreatcountry.”

“They died with their face to the foe and that pathetic inadequate [Donald Trump] couldn’t even defy the weather, to pay his respects to The Fallen,” Soames tweeted.

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