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Michigan Governor: 'Revolting Against A Tyrannical Government Is Simply Un-American'

DETROIT, MI—On Meet the Press Sunday, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer reminded everyone that "revolutions and revolts are simply un-American."

Whitmer called on the protesters in her state to stop their illegal assembling, reminding them that protesting so-called tyranny is a foreign idea to the history of the United States.

"Protesting and revolting against your wise rulers goes against everything America was built on," she said. "It flies in the face of every American tradition. Revolting against tyranny has no place in this great country."

Governor Whitmer then rattled off a long list of things that she also believes to be un-American:

  • Declaring independence from tyrants
  • Having a list of protected rights
  • Separation of powers
  • Democratically elected leaders
  • Freedom of religion, assembly, the press, protests, and speech.
  • Federalism
  • Apple pie
  • Baseball
  • America

"If you're really Americans, you'll stop with this dangerous revolutionary activity," she concluded.

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2 hours ago, cavanami said:

If true, and that's an 'if' because frankly NOTHING Trump says can be taken at face value. LIterally, NOTHING. But if it turns out the government granted them a grant. So what? 

I fail to see the big 'aha here. 

If we are going to play that game, Trump and Republicans will lose that game EVERY time. 

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I fault a bored, news thirsty mainstream media for giving the protests way more power than they have. First, at most, one local had maybe near a 100 people, most had a couple dozen. At any given time in front of the White House a group has a dozen or couple dozen people protesting. 

When you have a group openly waiving confederate and nazi flags, they are immediately relegated to extreme fringe right, supremacist groups. The fact that Trump and conservative media are promoting ANY group carrying those flags is far, far more disconcerting.

The Michigan governor should also be far more savvy than that. If these people are representative of 'the people', then lets close up shop and have a funeral for the final nail in the coffin for the death of America. Really? A couple hundred collectively people with nazi and confederate flags have that much say? Are we that starved for news items in this country? My goodness. Using them as a some kind of reflection of America's attitudes to being on lockdown is asinine unless we are accepting someone with supremacist views as the norm. If so, then yes, listen to them. 

There are millions of Trump supporters over 60, taking any number of medication for a variety of maladies that are scared shitless about being in public around people. I have repeated on here I went to HS in the Philly suburbs, Republican area. I am on their FB page, largely by people from my generation and prior. The area has gone from middle class to upper middle class, even rich. One of the 76ers bought a 5 million dollar property in an area as a kid was barely going for over 300k. Anyway,  and one person said 'Tell the governor this lcokdown is getting out of hand.' and there was a resounding 'No'. They are scared shitless. There is no way you can be over 60 in America, on medication for any thing related to any of your organs (kidney, liver, heart) and are complaining why you can't go to the beach, hang out at Starbucks or go to any places where people gather in close contact in numbers. None. 

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Gentlemen, Ladies, Cav...


The link below is to the Sun UK - possibly not the most reliable and sensible of news outlets. But it's worth a look, don't read the words, they're all pointless.

But do look at the photos, wherein Healthcare Workers are facing off against Trumpanzees.

You know, the people trying to save lives against the people promoting virus spread and death.



a few for your delectation, goodbye America.






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And to put a line on a blank piece of paper:


On one side we have people and their actions, that are trying to eradicate the Covid virus and treating it's unfortunate human victims.


On the other side we have people, who, despite evidence, like corpses, refuse to believe there is a problem.



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