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13 hours ago, cavanami said:

Yes...the Dems have had 3+ years to groom a credibile candidate but they were too busy with all the BS against Trump...piss-gate, Mueller-gate and now they are egging on virus gate....

Dems, news flash....get a credible candidate!!!

...and believe the ladies...ZERO DEMS  came out in support of Tara Reade!!! WTF, the Dems were down against Justice Kavanaugh......Tara Reade???? ohhhh, fuck the USA citizens, get Trump, disgusting!!!!

Agreed, Biden isn't a great candidate. The question still begs. Who then? 

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On 4/28/2020 at 8:53 AM, Coss said:

And whilst we've been able to foretell the events of recent days, weeks and months, nay years, much to Cav's dismay, I am now comfortable in drawing a line in the sand and saying that anything after today, will be able to be filed under "Donald Trump's, exit".

Previously we, certainly I, have taken some interest in pointing out why we feel that Trump is unsuitable, and expressing amazement that he'd survive the unconscionable, be forgiven the unforgivable, to rant for another day.

Anyone with access to the google, bing, duck duck go,  or other, levers, will be able to find vast tranches of information, that  chronicles the decline of the POTUS


Trump campaign lashes out over 'Don't defend Trump' memo

A strategy memo on coronavirus distributed by the National Republican Senatorial Committee infuriated Trump aides.

Earlier this month, the Senate Republican campaign arm circulated a memo with shocking advice to GOP candidates on responding to coronavirus: “Don’t defend Trump, other than the China Travel Ban — attack China.”

The Trump campaign was furious.

On Monday — just days after POLITICO first reported the existence of the memo — Trump political adviser Justin Clark told NRSC executive director Kevin McLaughlin that any Republican candidate who followed the memo’s advice shouldn’t expect the active support of the reelection campaign and risked losing the support of Republican voters.....




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...and it continues...

Evidence emerges for sex-assault allegation against Biden

Over the last week, new reporting has provided corroborating evidence for a decades-old allegation of sexual assault against former Vice President Joe Biden, a charge that has been denied by the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee’s campaign. 

Timeline of the allegations

In March, former Biden congressional staffer Tara Reade told podcaster Katie Halperthat in the spring or summer of 1993 that the then-senator from Delaware had cornered her in a private hallway when she was delivering a duffel bag. Reade alleges that Biden began kissing her, propositioned and reached under her skirt and began touching her...



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...and it comes back to bite Killary...what a piece of hypocritical shit!!!!

FLASHBACK: Hillary Clinton Said ‘Any Woman Who Reports An Assault Should Be Heard And Believed’

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said in 2015 that “any woman who reports an assault should be heard and believed.”

This flashback comes as Clinton reportedly plans to endorse former Vice President Joe Biden, despite an allegation last month from former Senate staffer Tara Reade that he sexually assaulted her.

“Any woman who reports an assault should be heard and believed,” Clinton told Refinery 29 in 2015 according to her Twitter. She also tweeted a message about joining her “in telling survivors of sexual assault: We’re with you.”...


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2 hours ago, cavanami said:

All you Trump haters should be able to come up with a candidate....

That's not an answer though Cav, you are deflecting. I answer all questions posed. Secondly, I'm NOT a Democrat. I'm officially independent. I've supported Republicans on the state level before and I admittedly made a mistake and liked Bush over Gore in '00 which I regretted fairly quickly...haha. I believed that 'compassionate conservative' lie. 

To answer your question. Biden is a candidate. He may not be a guy you will vote for but he is a viable candidate. He has the CV of a viable presidential candidate. Again, for an independent voter if not Biden, who else is there? 

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Were there recordings, videos, etc. regarding Biden? No? Okay, so if that is regarded as proof then Kavanaugh is guilty as well. Trump supporters really have no say in this matter based on so many allegations of rape against him. Trump's own words about grabbing women's pussies against their will is far, far worse. It's much greater proof against him than Biden. 

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And to come back to a theme I like:

If Trump is so execrably bad, that does not make his opponent, good.


If the opponent is bad but not as bad as Trump, that also does not make Trump good.

So to labour the point ::

Hitler is bad, the worst, it does not therefore follow, that Stalin is good, or Mussolini, or the idiot who wants religion to rule the world, they are all bad, Hitler is the worst.

So in today's parlance, Trump and all the other politicians are no good, Trump is the worst of the bunch.

Because the voters can't find another, who is tolerable, that doesn't make Trump anything more than an orange pile of shit.

Someone get Cav, to un - ignore me, so he can have a utubery meltdown over the above :)

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