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However, I hope we don't extrapolate that into saying the FBI is some tool of the left. There are tons and tons of FBI cases going after elected Dems. Too many. Especially on the city and state level. 

The FBI, like a lo of law enforcement in America go after big fish for headlines. Doesn't matter who you are, what party, we want headlines. That's what happened to Flynn. 

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11 hours ago, cavanami said:
13 hours ago, chocolat steve said:

I even heard a liberal site say Flynn was set up by the FBI, Cav. You will be happy to hear that. 

It's called truth and facts! that's why he will get off.

I was watching a discussion on this "set up" topic. It appears that a particular technique, is to interview the suspect in such a way, as to get him to lie.

I.e. If I as F.B.I.   ::   C.S. if I said to you, "of course we could let you go, right now, if you were a French Citizen". And you said, "I am a French Citizen",  when we know that you are an American Citizen. We then arrest you for lying to the F.B.I.

Apparently most people so arrested, usually completely fold and tell the F.B.I the truth thereafter.

So the debate is not, did it happen? but is this a fair tactic? And when in America, did fair become an attribute worth having?

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What a thin skinned dick move. Really. 45 is going off the rails. The last thing Bush should be doing is getting involved in an impeachment matter. Which has precedence. The narrative from the right "He stands up for himself and fights back" is he's hypersensitive and a snowflake. I can agree he will fight back against things that I would fight back against but so does everyone. There are simply some things he goes off the rails about and sees enemies and sleights where there are none. My goodness. He turns a non partisan, loving message about himself. Every other president would welcome that message. Without exception. 


Donald Trump attacks George W. Bush after the latter does a coronavirus video

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