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11 hours ago, panadolsandwich said:

I don't particularly care anymore.  If the populous wants either candidate (note not much of a  choice) then chok dee.   The decline of the USA is like watching a train derailing into a nuclear silo.  If that is what the people want, well my view is well, just go for it. 

"You get the government you deserve"  

I've heard that said by a Brit once and it rings true. I'm far more apathetic this time around. When all is said and done the collective who are making the wrong decisions will get fucked by it. All I can do personally is position myself to do well no matter what happens or whoever wins. 

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Flynn should not have been involved in the administration. FBI setting him up or not, he should not be working in the government and that is the comversation Trump and his supporters don't want us to have. 

Flynn is the one that is flirting with treason. He meets multiple times with the Russian ambassador as a private citizen and he is a former General in the US military. How is that a good thing? How is that not borderline treasonous with all the secrets he knows? He met with the ambassador WHEN AMERICA HAD SANCTIONS AGAINST RUSSIA. Does he have a right to meet? Yes. But any American who is comfortable with a general meeting privately with Russian high officials at a time when the Russians are openly antagonizing the west, invading Crimea, etc. you are un American, If that's okay with you. That a general who does that should be in the present administration of have anything to do with the government in any official capacity. 

It also shows Trump to be a traitorous bastard. To still support a general who has done that. If the FBI did anything, go after them. I have no love for the FBI given their history and the years they had under Hoover especially (that building should not be named after Hoover). 

Flynn is a traitorous SOB and Trump is worse for supporting him. End of story. 

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The trump nonsense factory has become a major source of morning entertainment in European newspapers just by repeating what the US so-called government published. Donald decided to shut down the virus-taskforce only confirming to continue with it  it yesterday. Arselicker and Jesus-nutcase Pompeo announced a joint statement of 5 related secret servies that it is obvious now that the virus originated from a Wuhan laboratory. Problem is that the other 4 services have no idea about a joint statement and nobody has evidence of the virus´ origin at all.  Michael Flynn lied to the FBI, he pled guilty under oath in federal court to doing that, he took a plea; Donald now confirmed Flynn is a brave warrior.

Just imagine this goes on for another 4 years.

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